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The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Information Systems Group in the Department of TUG Observatory; Information systems 1 personnel will be employed in the design and planning of network and server architectures, management of network and system devices, and ensuring uninterrupted service of all servers, clients and peripherals.

Number of Employees: 1
City of Staff: Antalya

a) To apply for an ad,http://tug.tubitak.gov.tr”It is required to register to the Job Application System. (When creating a CV for the application, all the required documents must be added to the system electronically). Applications will not be accepted, except for applications made through the Job Application System.

b) Applications must be submitted no later than 13 / 01 / 2020: 17: 00.

c) Applications will be evaluated through the advertisement reference code. Candidates will be able to apply by selecting the reference code from the job application system. Applications without selecting a reference code will not be considered.

d) According to the (e) section of the Koşullar General Conditions to be Searched for Candidates aday, 10 times the number of personnel to be recruited starting from the highest score will be invited for an interview. Candidates with a PhD degree in the field of “General Conditions to be Searched for Candidates” section (f) starting from the highest score in addition to the number of staff to be formed in the ranking will be invited to interview 10 times. If there are other candidates with the same score as the last candidates, they will also be invited for an interview.

e) Article (e) of the Koşullar General Conditions to be Searched for Candidates, for applicants who have completed their undergraduate education abroad, and (e) and (f) of the Koşullar General Conditions to Search for Applicants ay will not be required for applicants who have completed their undergraduate education abroad; will be evaluated.

f) “Technical evaluation öncesi can be done before the interview for the candidates who are entitled to interview.

g) Candidates will be evaluated according to the declaration they have entered in the job application system during their applications and if the information entered is incorrect or any of the following documents are missing, the application will be considered invalid.

 University Entrance Exam Result Document (ÖSYM approved or control code internet printout),

 University Entrance Examination Placement Document (OSYM approved or control code internet printout),

 Undergraduate Diploma / Exit Certificate - and if applicable - (Equivalence Certificate for those who have completed their education in higher education institutions abroad),

 YÖK Graduate Certificate (internet printout with e-government and control code),

 License - and if applicable - Transcript Certificate,

 Foreign Language Exam Result Certificate or document showing that all of the courses are 100% English (except from the university)

 Work Certificate and Insured Service Breakdown from the candidates who have experience (professional experience),

 Current Curriculum Vitae (Your CV should be prepared with color photographs including Turkish, Turkish Identity and telephone numbers)

 A document showing military status for male candidates.

Note: All developments and announcements related to the process can be found on our website (http://tug.tubitak.gov.tr / www.tubitak.gov.t is) will be announced.

Contact information:
Address: TÜBİTAK Directorate of National Observatory Akdeniz University Campus 07058 ANTALYA
E-mail: tug@tubitak.gov.t is
Phone: 0 242 227 84 01 (1007)

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