TÜBİTAK will hire Bilgem Technician

TÜBİTAK will hire Bilgem Technician
TÜBİTAK will hire Bilgem Technician

4 technicians will be recruited to work at TUBITAK Information and Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center. Application deadline: 13.12.2019

To be a Turkish citizen.

2) Not to be banned from public rights and not to have a criminal record that prevents it from being a civil servant.

3) Not having any disease or infectious disease that may prevent him / her from performing his / her duty continuously.

For male applicants, not to have any connection with military service as of the application deadline.

5) Not to have received 35 age at the date of application.

6) Having 2 years of professional experience in the field and presenting the desired experience with the workplaces and documents to be obtained from SGK.

7) Candidates should have the knowledge and competence in the following subjects.
• To be involved in R & D purpose construction projects.
• To have experience in preparing project and technical specifications for mechanical installations.
• Experience in discovery, quantity, approximate cost and progress payment.
• Good use of Microsoft Office and AutoCAD programs.
• To have construction site experience in application areas.
• Mechanical maintenance, hydraulic, pneumatic and sanitary installation and control to have experience.

NOTE: The necessary conditions and procedures for the applications can be found on our website (www.tubitak.gov.t is) And Turkey Business Association (TEO) yayımlanmaktadır.iş applications on the web page İSKUR web page (https://esube.iskur.gov.tr).

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