Transportation Investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Continues

transportation investments of kayseri big city continue
transportation investments of kayseri big city continue

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in transportation for safe and smooth traffic. In this context, the works on Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard on July 15 and Aşiyan Street Intersections were completed.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality; The project, which is known as Talas-Homeland Line, provides continuity to the vehicles from the city center to Talas with the rail system line passing through Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard, Umut Street, Mehmet Timuçin Street and Turgut Özal Street. 15 July Avenue and Aşiyan Street were connected to Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard. Side roads were opened without interruption in traffic as a part of the work, the bridge over the flood water channel was made and arrangements were made at two intersections.

Within the scope of the project, approximately 170 m5 of concrete, 3 tons of iron and 500 m9 formwork were used for the bridge, which had a closed cross section of approximately 2 meters. On the bridge, the intersection arrangement was made in accordance with the rail system and the vehicle traffic, and the traffic was made smooth with the expanded road platform. 40 thousand tons of stabilized, 30 thousand tons of broken road material and 5 thousand tons of asphalt were used in the studies.

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