TOBB Takes Action for Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project

tobb moves to bursa fast train project
tobb moves to bursa fast train project

To be honest… AK Party Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kilic 'on a visit two weeks ago TCDD Transportation Co. General Manager and Chairman of the Board Kamuran Yazıcı 'A sentence of our interest.

He said:

"Besides the existing industrial zones, TEKNOSAB has great potential. We consider this in our planning. De

Of course…

Bursa'industrial zones of Turkey, railway transportation Very important potential for.

So what…

Yet land sale under TEKNOSAB 'potential in Turkey today TCDDdoes not seem to be of interest how.

That's why…

In these columns, Kent It is necessary to show the city support behind the MPs who are continuing their high-speed train initiatives ır It is worthy to lead the biggest roof organization ” for saying B Did BTSO, which supported Bolu's request for high-speed train 2 years ago, prefer freight train instead of the high-speed train promised to Bursa? ” The question was stuck in our minds.


Such a choice is respected, but Promised to Bursa ve Expectation of Bursa more different.

BCCI 'from that initiative, TOBB Board Member as Bursa Commodity Exchange President Özer Matlı announced that:

"I'm making my move in the petition ... Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Board Member, I'll be your follower high-speed trains. "

He also has a request:

"Let's create a Working Group to bring everyone together in Bursa and be a follower of every suggestion and idea that will come out of it. ”

At this point…

Matlin during descriptions Kimse No one has asked me for support, no information has been given to me ” We needed to say this:

"I wish you would have taken action with your civil society power without waiting for anyone to ask for it. Önc

Still, it's not over.

TCDD continues to seek external credit. Since there is no new tender, re-known fast train returnable This support Turkey'The most powerful structure of TOBB more promising to arrive with.

Contact Özer directly he is not alone in such a walk. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay)

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