TMMOB Kanal Istanbul Project A Disaster Prepared by Human

tmmob channel istanbul project prepared by a human hand disaster
tmmob channel istanbul project prepared by a human hand disaster

TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board held a press conference at the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch on the EIA report of the Canal Istanbul waterway project.

At the press conference where TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Committee Secretary Cevahir Efe Akçelik read the explanatory text, the Chamber of Architects EIA Advisory Committee Secretary Mücella Yapıcı and Prof.Dr. Dr. Haluk Eyidoğan realized the project and its effects.


Recently, it is seen that the preparatory processes for Kanal Istanbul, which is a geographic, ecological, economic, sociological, urban, cultural, ie vital destruction and an eco-crime project, have been accelerated for Istanbul, Thrace, Marmara and Black Sea.

In this process, first the Environmental Impact Assessment Pre-Application Report was prepared and presented in 2018. We have now learned that a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been prepared and that it has been moved to the Review, Evaluation Commission on 28.11.2019 today. This meeting is held without the participation of professional chambers and TMMOB. We would like to extend this appreciation of the attitude of the project managers, which ignores the professional chambers of the subject.

The recent 1600-page EIA File and its annexes were reviewed and evaluated by our working group. Based on the EIA Report, which is currently being discussed at the IAC, we say;

• Today, while Istanbul is a city that has been forced to meet 70 of drinking water from other cities, and while President Erdoğan has just said “Istanbul is walking towards thirst”, our existing water resources cannot be destroyed.

• This project, which will destroy the northern forests, rangelands, agricultural areas and all sensitive ecosystems, cannot be defended.

• We do not accept this project which increases the risk of disaster by placing population and construction pressure on the region where three active fault lines cross.

• We strongly reject this project, which will put pressure on the entire northern part of the city and its sensitive ecosystems, urban, archaeological and natural sites.

• Sociological impacts will be very strong, will lead to displacement in the region, the quality of life and economy of the people deeply shaken, the right to life and water from the hands of this project, the Constitution 56. once again.

• We argue that it is not possible to provide the passage security that cannot be provided in the Bosphorus in Kanal Istanbul.

• The Channel Istanbul Project, which is contrary to the general planning principles and principles of the 2009 / 1 100 Istanbul Environmental Plan, which is the City Constitution of Istanbul and approved on 000, is legally included in the high-scale plan of Istanbul. we say that it is a project that is not possible and that it has no effect with this feature.

When the 1600 page EIA Report is read and examined, it is clear that this is not a report that evaluates environmental impacts, but a kind of project introduction report.

As a result;

As the TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board, we reject this project, which intervenes in our seas, water basins, agriculture, pasture, forest areas, sensitive conservation areas, archaeological sites, natural and urban protected areas, water and life rights, and inevitably causes irreparable damage. we invite relevant institutions and organizations to act responsibly.


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