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sah logistics
sah logistics

Road and maritime transport has long been among the most reasonable transport routes in the world. In recent years, many logistics companies have started to operate due to the fact that both the export and import demands have reached quite high levels due to the expansion of our country. Our company, which has taken important steps in domestic and international land and maritime transportation, has taken place among these companies for a long time and has followed the developments in the sector closely since the first step in the sector, and has followed all the innovations in the sector. has been one of the rare shipping organizations.

Especially Shipping to Kazakhstan Arin Logistics, which is one of the first preferred transportation companies by exporter importer companies due to its different works in its field, has a very experienced position in shipment of all kinds of products being produced in our country to Kazakhstan. Our company has been working in many fields such as complete truck transportation in Kazakhstan, partial freight transportation, non-oversize heavy transportation and container overflow services. Our company, which has significant differences between its competitors in the transportation sector, provides quality service to its customers with its employees who are constantly on duty with 7 / 24 working mentality.

Our country is located in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, especially in many Shipping companies Kazakhstan Under the leadership of Araklık Logistics, it keeps the pulse of the sector. Our company is one of the most preferred and preferred transportation companies in the sector as it is a source of information for all its customers and colleagues with its experience gained in Kazakhstan line for many years. Our company performs shipments under the assurance of truck report and cmr insurance in both export and import transportations and provides logistics services based on trust. It provides transfer or direct service of all freight groups planned to be shipped from Kazakhstan to all European countries through transit transit through our country.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: malatya transportations

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