TCDD Transportation Co. 2019-2 GCC Meeting was held

tcdd tasikacilik ackik meeting held
tcdd tasikacilik ackik meeting held

Transportation Memur-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan and Vice Presidents İbrahim Uslu and Mehmet Yıldırım participated in TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. 2019/2 Corporate Administrative Board Meeting was held on Wednesday, December 18th.

TCDD Transportation Co. General Directorate, Deputy General Manager Erol Arıkan chaired by the General Assembly of the JCC meeting the demands of the General Union Transport Officer-Sen'in were discussed. The Commission worked on the articles and decided on the demands of the Transportation Officer-Sen as follows.

TCDD Transportation Co. Our 2019/2 GCC Meeting Requests and Results are as follows;

1- Turning the first two rows after the marquee into a safety compartment in Motorized Train sets. In this way; the discussions between the train personnel and the passengers who want to implement the rules will be prevented and the passenger complaints will be reduced. (Vehicle Maintenance Department)

  • The necessary work will be initiated by making regulations in the legislation for the said situation.

2- DE 33000, DE 22000 and DE 24000 All of the locomotives on the right and left side to the side (Railing) to be done. It is important for Mechanic and Vehicle Maintenance personnel in terms of occupational health and safety. (Vehicle Maintenance Department and Corporate Safety Management Department)

  • The Vehicle Maintenance Department has started to work on this subject and the project has been planned since 26.04.2019. A maximum period of 2-4 years is envisaged. It will be applied to all Locomotives undergoing revision.

3- TCDD Transportation Inc. While on the train of the personnel on the train; to make necessary arrangements and authorizations for accessing the information such as traffic situation, speed, locomotive number, train number, voyage number from TCDD TİS system. (Vehicle Maintenance Department)

  • It will be evaluated when the system is active.

4- After the evacuation of the guard point located in Ankara Garda within the planning process, it will be arranged as an active personnel rest room. (Support Services Department)

  • As mentioned in the article, there is no planning.

5- Service of the personnel of Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center for their arrival and departure. (Support Services Department)

  • As per the legislation, there are no service facilities outside the Center. At Gökköy Logistics Center, 3 vehicles are currently serving for the arrival and departure of the personnel.

6- Eliminating the shortage of wagon technician, logistics officer, train organization officer and other personnel. (Human Resources Department, Vehicle Maintenance Department and Logistics Department)

  • Personnel recruitment process continues in line with needs.

7- Priority is given to the transportation requests of the personnel serving in this region when Samsun-Kalin line is opened. (Human Resources Department)

  • The process in question is currently underway. The transfer requests of the personnel serving in this region will be evaluated first.

8- Personnel qualified as Dangerous Goods Consultant should be able to be assigned to the Institution or other Public Institutions and Organizations in which they work in compliance with their specified duty periods in addition to their main duties provided that they have the necessary certificate. The personnel should be assigned to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 workplaces, and an additional fee should be paid to the personnel concerned. (Corporate Safety Management Department and Accounting and Finance Department)

  • Such payment cannot be made since it has no place in the legislation.

9- Opening electronic transfers twice a year taking into consideration the personnel transfer requests throughout the organization. (Human Resources Department)

  • Following the completion of Norm staff work by accepting our request, these transfers will be realized.

10- Opening of Cer Middle Level Course to ensure participation of Machinist, Wagon Technician and Revisors. (Human Resources Department and Vehicle Maintenance Department)

  • Cer Middle Level Course will be opened in 2020 and the request for participation of the titles mentioned in this article will be examined and submitted to the General Directorate.

11- Exchange of Nezaret Machinist working at the General Directorate of TCDD and TTGs working at TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. (Vehicle Maintenance Department, Logistics Department, Human Resources Department and Corporate Safety Management Department)

  • Studies on this subject are continuing at a high level. The works carried out at the ministerial level have been understood in principle, and the works are continuing in the legislation section.


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