Shipping Companies Russia

shipping companies in russia
shipping companies in russia

One of the important sectors of today's necessity is undoubtedly the logistics sector. The first thing that comes to mind when logistics is mentioned is the loading, transportation, storage, customs clearance and delivery of all kinds of portable products to the agreed delivery point. There are many transportation companies in Turkey that are active in this period. The companies that carry out domestic and international transportation activities generally operate in the provinces where our ports are located, and Mersin is the province with the high potential of MIP ports. Although there are many companies engaged in international transportation in Mersin, there are rare organizations that operate at full capacity with transportation authorization certificate and vehicles.

The company provides trouble-free services with its experience in the field of domestic transportation and international transportation. Overseas shipping is also dominated by all the details related to Russia in particular Logistics export and import activities Transport companies in Russia with its regular and stable works. In addition to full truck transportation, Russia also provides partial freight services with regular weekly departures. It transports the cargoes it collects to its partial warehouses in Istanbul in the form of customs or address delivery to all cities of Russia, especially Moscow, by departing from Istanbul customs.

Since it works in connection with liaison offices and agencies in Russia, Logistics thus, it is one of the leading logistics companies preferred by all exporters and importers. Shipping to russia Our company, which carries out its activities mainly by road trucks, uses two alternative routes, namely Ukraine and Georgia. Our company, which transports all cargoes weighing up to 22 tons, completes the deliveries to Moscow within maximum 7 days.

In addition to dry cargo transportation with standard trucks, our company also provides services in areas such as heavy gauge transport, refrigerated truck transportation and container transportation, as well as information and experience on many areas of logistics such as storage, customs clearance, port services and agency services. the owner is.

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