Security Queue at Ankara Metro Stations

security queue at ankara metro stations
security queue at ankara metro stations

X-ray devices, which are inoperable at the subway entrances in Ankara, have been operational since last week. With the operation of the devices during the peak hours of passenger and vehicle traffic, the security measures in the subway has become an ordeal for capitalists. Citizens who create long queues to pass through the device, "such disgrace, we are late to work," he rebels and wants to find a solution to the security queues as soon as possible.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news in; “Upon the decision taken by the Ankara Governorship, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened the x-ray and metal door detectors available at the entrances of Ankaray and metro stations. Citizens lined up to drop their bags on the x-ray device, creating long queues. The citizens, who were waiting in the queue overflowing with the ladder of the subway, rebelled with the words, "No such disgrace, we are late for our work".


With the application continued throughout the week, passing through the device turned into an ordeal for citizens, especially during peak hours of passenger and vehicle traffic. Some citizens arguing with security guards standing at the devices reacted to the situation “Why do you keep us waiting so long? People are miserable. Find a solution to this work now ”.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, said that they are looking for a solution for the intensity experienced in the subway stations with an announcement. The announcement noted:

Üzerine Following the operations of the Peace Spring and subsequent developments in the region where our country is located, in accordance with the demand from the Governorship of Ankara and the security units, our Metropolitan Municipality has increased the security measures by means of x-ray and metal door detectors in Ankaray and metro stations. Our official correspondence with the Ankara Governorship regarding the reduction of the density at the entrances of the stations while the x-ray and metal door detectors are in operation at our Ankara and metro stations, the implementation of measures in a healthy way, the elimination of the problems experienced by our citizens and the provision of security by our security forces are continuing. ”



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