No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project

No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project
No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Cable Car Project

No Legal Obstacle for Sapanca Ropeway Project; Bursa Teleferik A.Ş, who undertook the ropeway project planned to be established in Sapanca, stated in a written statement that the public was trying to create a false perception about the project.


Bursa Teleferik AS in a written statement until today, 3 trees in the sub-station dismantled, Sapanca Municipality indicated by the help of construction machinery in another place said. 15 trees along the line, 72 trees in the upper station was cut by the Regional Directorate of Forestry, after that another tree will not be touched a tree was expressed. The cable car will fly over existing trees along the existing line, the ropeway engine will work in the upper station, isolated from the sound in the container.


The ropeway sub-station location is claimed to be donated in the public statement said that this place has nothing to do with the area. In this statement, it was emphasized that this land was processed as a closed market in 2014 and then it was processed as a ropeway station by the Metropolitan and Sapanca Municipalities. The statement emphasized that all the lawsuits filed against the project so far have been concluded in favor of the project, while the law is not an obstacle to the implementation of the project.


In the statement, the project will bring Sapanca said: “The Ropeway project, creating a separate center of attraction in Sapanca to visit the city will be radical increases in the number of domestic and foreign tourists. (As in the case of Bursa and Ordu) hotels and spend more time outside the city artisans to provide value-added services to tourists. There will be more than one thousand jobs both in the cable car facility and in the shops that will be opened in response to the demand of tourists. ”


Bursa Teleferik A.Ş.'s written statement regarding the cancellation of the project, the following statements were included:
Irse If the Project is unilaterally terminated by the contracting entity, the contractor company will have the right to recover all the rental fees paid by the contractor on behalf of the Sapanca Municipality, all costs incurred for the project and the project fees paid by the Sapanca Municipality as a result of the contract. . In addition to these obligations, a major investment in Sapanca will have escaped. ”

Sakarya Yenihaber


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