Sakarya is Taking New and Modern Steps in Transportation

sakarya takes new and modern steps in transportation
sakarya takes new and modern steps in transportation

Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that they would form an alternative route from Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard to the Serdivan region and said, ız We will provide transportation to the region by means of the vehicle bridge on Çark Creek and then the artery that will provide connection to Süleyman Binek Avenue. Good luck. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard Serdivan region for the arrival of an alternative route heralded to be created. Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that they will start a new study in order to prevent the density of the vehicles in the city center and Serdivan transportation from time to time.

A new bridge and route

Speaking about the alternative route they made for the construction tender on 13 December Friday, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, ız We will create an alternative route from our Yenikent region to Serdivan and city center in order to minimize the density of the vehicles. We will construct a new 25 meter wide 19 meter bridge on Çark Creek for the alternative route to be opened and after the bridge and infrastructure works are completed, we will perform the necessary asphalt and arrangement works on the connection road of the artery to Süleyman Binek Street. Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard in the direction of the new main artery will be created in the direction of transportation will provide convenience to the region, "he said.

New and modern steps in transportation

President Yüce said, “We are striving to carry out our efforts in order to bring lasting solutions to the future of transportation in our city. We are trying to streamline the traffic with arteries, double roads, smart intersections and alternative routes that will contribute to the transportation of our city. In this respect, we will expand our transportation network with new moves and modern steps in line with the demands of our citizens and our transportation master plan. We will ensure transportation future of Sakarya with new investments by taking the transportation in a holistic way. ”

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