National Train Will Be On The Tracks Next Year

national train will be on the tracks next year
national train will be on the tracks next year

📩 10/12/2019 14:03

one of Turkey's high-speed train capable of reaching a maximum speed silently through the entry to the capital Ankara last week. The train also passed through Arifye the first time. Making a statement about the subject of the union, Cemiry Yaman, the President of the Demiryol Business Union Branch, said, "If we focused on our own production instead of ordering from Germany, we could have achieved better results, we could have accelerated."

The Bosphorus Express, which will meet the transportation needs of high speed trains between Ankara and Sakarya, at the intermediate stations, came to Arifiye for the first time. High speed trains, some of which are supplied by domestic manufacturers, were manufactured in Germany. In 12 sets, which will be delivered to Turkey on existing high-speed trains and rail lines Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Chamber President Yunus said that the quality of the train beats trains from Germany stresses that there is a problem.

Yener said, “We know that there is no problem with these trains. These are train sets that can speed up to 350 km / h. However, our Konya line is a line with a speed of 300 km / h. Other lines are 250 km lines. In terms of safety, 250 km / h speed can be made on these 300 km lines and the train set does not go off the road. However, there is a value called passenger comfort acceleration. This comfort momentum can be given, for example, by the fact that the passenger can drink the tea without pouring it from the glass. For this reason, high-speed trains travel at a speed of 250 km / h according to the comfort momentum. ” said.

Must be national and local

Hüseyin Kaya, Secretary General of Demiryol İş Union, criticized the purchase of these trains from Germany. The Rock, "Turkey Wagon Industry Co. For a while he was working for the production of national electric trains. A train with a speed of 160 kilometers was built. Later, various changes were made and the speed of the train was increased to 225 kilometers. It was announced that it will be on the tracks in 2020. We do not know why this train was not expected to be prepared. ”

Lines are new, staff is missing

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) is installed in Sakarya Railways Workers' Union, who served as Branch President Cemal Yaman SözcüHe made evaluations about the train project and the high-speed train line. Yaman said that the route between Istanbul and Eskişehir could not be made at high speed. Yaman claimed that it was unnecessary to purchase trains that could make 300 kilometers of speed from Germany.

Yaman said, “After Eskişehir, an efficient work is emerging at a speed of 250 kilometers. For this reason, trains capable of speeding 300-350 kilometers are unnecessary at this stage. In Sakarya, we produce our domestic and national train with the EMU project. It will be on the tracks next year. It will be able to speed up to 225 kilometers. If we focused on our own production instead of ordering from Germany, we would have achieved better results, we could have accelerated. ”Sözcü)

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