Düzce should be included in the High Speed ​​Train Route

Initiatives for high-speed train to pass through
Initiatives for high-speed train to pass through

Düzce should be included in the High Speed ​​Train Route; Attempts are underway in Ankara for the High Speed ​​Train Project, which will reduce Ankara-Istanbul to 1,5 hours, to pass through Düzce. MHP Provincial President Caboğlu presented a draft project on the route including Düzce to MHP Headquarters, party Leader Devlet Bahçeli and Secretary General İsmet Büyükataman, and received a promise of support.

MHP Düzce Provincial President İlhami Caboğlu took the step, which enlivened hopes in Düzce, where special researches were held by the university. While the Düzce delegation, which has been knocking on the door of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure so far, has not been able to receive concrete support, MHP Provincial President Caboğlu, who has been preparing with his team for a while to turn eyes on Düzce in Ankara, took the breath at MHP Headquarters yesterday. Secretary visited İsmet Büyükataman.

Dean of Düzce University Technology Faculty Dr. Caboğlu, who delivered the High Speed ​​Train Project prepared by Ayhan Şamandar to both Büyükataman and Party Leader Devlet Bahçeli, said: “As the MHP Düzce Provincial Organization, the Yüksel High Speed ​​Train Project, which will positively affect Düzce in every area, passes through our city. Our work continues to increase. In this context, we presented our project to the senior management of our party. Both MHP Düzce Provincial Organization and our Headquarters will be followers of the issue. Don't let Düzce lose your hope… ”. (I Öncürtv.co)


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