Metrobus, When will the Metro Silivri Future?

metrobus metro silivriye when the future
metrobus metro silivriye when the future

Silivri Mayor Volkan Yılmaz made important statements regarding the district's agenda in the television program he attended. Yilmaz, who gave the good news that there will be a high-speed train between Edirne and Silivri, said, “Our government will present the high-speed train to us. This project will be implemented very soon. The authority for metrobus and metro is at IMM. Our initiatives are continuing. ”

The program started with the questions of Bilge Sebilcioğlu President Yılmaz's statements as follows:

Silivri Mayor Volkan Yılmaz was the guest of the live broadcast of “Presidents Speaking Konuş program prepared and presented by Bilge Sebilcioğlu on Bengü Türk TV. Mayor Yilmaz, who made statements on ongoing projects and new projects in Silivri, said that important projects will be implemented in 2020. Indoor Swimming Pool construction, Barrier-Free Parking Project, parking projects, village libraries, schools, theater scenes, agricultural projects, savings policies and social projects that provide information on President Yilmaz, "People embrace you when you see you do the right job." He said.

How do you define Silivri, one of 39 districts of Istanbul?

As you stated, we live in a city with 39 districts. There are things that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality should add to these cities, but these cities and these districts also have values ​​to add to Istanbul. In this sense, Silivri is a great chance for Istanbul. So let me state it, we put the main theme of our election slogans in 'Marka Kent Silivri'. There are many values ​​that Marka Kent Silivri will add to Istanbul. Outside Istanbul, on the outside, it is the district that opens to Europe, but has the longest coast with 42 km of coast to the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is the biggest district of Istanbul with its agricultural and livestock lands. There are 500 km2 arable land. Again, with 860 km2 of land, it constitutes approximately 5/1 of the Istanbul geography. Its historical texture is over 7000 years. The city where the Conquest of Istanbul started. It is also included in the historical books of Orhan Gazi, the 2nd Emperor of the Ottoman Empire, married in Kale Park in Silivri with the Byzantine princess. For him, Silivri still carries the identity of a town where it combines with its historical texture, natural beauty, and culture of tolerance of people. People come out of Istanbul's city noise and stress at the weekend; a vacation route has all the features that could be a weekend escape route. For this reason, we continue the horizontal architecture without polluting the nature of Silivri and its environment, and we are indispensable for agriculture and animal husbandry, with a chimneyless industry at the point of industrialization; Fisheries benefiting from the sea is an indispensable port and a great town where people will come on the weekend, breathe for two days, and when they return, take their tarhana, pickles, bulgur, noodles and natural products…

Citizens have problems such as traffic, parking, transportation. What kind of work is being done about this?

When we were candidates, we conducted a public opinion survey. This was not an investigation of the situation of our party or our party (the Nationalist Operations Party), but it was a research that would reveal the priorities and demands of the citizens in order to learn the problems of Silivri. About 80% had transportation, traffic and parking problems. The previous settlement plan of Silivri, the city is very narrow and congested roads are a little forced on us parking. But we have discussions with İSPARK about this, we have our own projects. As of yesterday, just behind the State Hospital in the new neighborhood, we started the construction of an open car park. We still have a few projects at the center. We will start the construction of a car park behind our municipality that will appeal to both the Courthouse, the Municipality and Alibey Neighborhood in a very short time.

The biggest problem is transportation?

Yes, transportation is a problem: Two of the three citizens tell me 'Metrobus, when the metro will come to Silivri?' The authority for this is the IMM. We forwarded it to all officials, especially the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. We follow the topic. I hope that our fellow citizens of Silivrili will be very happy about this and I hope that this problem will be solved in the shortest time.

Is there a high-speed train project from Silivri to Edirne?

Yes, it is a project of our central government, the Ministry of Transport. He will continue. They will give us the high-speed train between Silivri and Edirne. Mr. Binali Yıldırım is the father of this idea. From here, let's hear the tinnitus and thank you.

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