First Digging for Mersin Metro to be Shot in 2020

will be shot in the first digging year for mersin subway
will be shot in the first digging year for mersin subway

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer said that we will shoot the first digging for the Mersin subway in 2020 and we are looking for a loan from abroad for the project.

President Seçer stated that they planned 100 years of Mersin's transportation and gave information about the metro project. Seçer, the metro project consists of three stages, 7,5 kilometers above ground subway, 13.4 kilometers of the underground rail system and 7.7 kilometers of the tram said.

First Digging for Mersin Metro in 2020

Seçer said, “This project is not only a public transportation project, it is the development project of Mersin. Mr. President signed the project and was included in the 2019 investment program. We started to work immediately. We are planning a tram line to City Hospital, University Hospital and Mersin University. In 2020, we will shoot the first pick. Our search for credit from abroad continues, let's find the loan from there, let the firm do the construction, we want to give the financing and the construction of the business to a place ”.

Mersin Bus Fleet to Expand

He added that they will add 100 new municipal buses to their fleets in order to ease the transportation of the city.

Map of Mersin Metro

Mersin Subway Promotion Film

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