Tender for Mersin Metro

tender for the subway of Mersin
tender for the subway of Mersin

📩 26/03/2022 00:10

Tender for Mersin Subway; The 2019nd Extraordinary Meeting of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in 2 was held under the chairmanship of the Mayor Vahap Seçer. President Vahap Seçer in his speech at the meeting, announced that the tender for the first subway system of the first city of 13,4 kilometers.

9 million pounds over the period of 985 months paid debt, the priority of the social policies expressed that the work of President Seçer, especially in the field of transportation next year will sign major projects, he said.

Seçer, “Metro tender entered the EKAP. Tender was started for 13.4 km underground rail system. Launched after Christmas. Let's make an early explanation and do not go into details that are wrong or change later. We're not idle. We are working. The most important problem in Mersin is water, sewage, transportation. The funeral services that the people are most satisfied with. The people of Mersin increased our favor with us by 6,5 percent. This is the success of all of us. Next year, we will do useful works for the benefit of Mersin.

Map of Mersin Metro

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