Advanced Driving Techniques Training from Mersin

mersin buyuksehir advanced driving techniques training
mersin buyuksehir advanced driving techniques training

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize training programs to improve service quality. The Sürüş Advanced Driving Techniques Training en organized within the body of the Human Resources and Training Department was aimed at the drivers working in the Transportation Department, including newly-introduced women drivers.

Training provided by Istanbul Driving Academy Advanced Driving Instructor Dilek Çağlar and Halil Şahin continued for 3 days. The theoretical part of the training was held in the Congress and Exhibition Palace, and the practical part was held in the parking area of ​​the new stadium by taking security measures.

The principles of safe driving were explained in the training

Study participants began by identifying the needs of educators, the general traffic situation in Turkey, told the functioning of the 12 primary fault. What should be safe driving, why a human being involved in an accident, what is the likelihood of survival, speed limit, the importance of seat belt use, traffic plate reading, the right to pass the technical issues such as Dilek Caglar, “Today you came here to learn how to control, not to learn how to drive . You have come to receive training to save your time, your money and most importantly your life. ”

Possible accident scenarios tested at the application site

After completing the theoretical training, the drivers tested the possible scenarios of vehicle shifts in the field of practice with the instructor in the vehicle. Drivers, cornering shifts, how to collect the vehicle, how to adjust the gas brake, such as vitally important maneuvers, both municipal bus and automobile did.

Bus drivers receive Sürüş Advanced Driving Techniques Training ilk for the first time

Sultan Yüksel, who has just started as a bus driver and evaluated his training, said, “First of all, I would like to thank our Vahap President for giving us this opportunity and for giving priority to women. From the very beginning, our education has been paid great attention. In today's education, the importance of the seat belt was firstly explained in theory. Other than that, first we were informed about our own lives and then the safety of the passengers. In practical training, how fast or slow the vehicle turns when cornering, what we should do, what can be done in our maneuvers, all of the good or bad situations were emphasized. ”

Say: “We are very fortunate about this, previous friends have never had such an opportunity”

Halime Nejla Say, one of the newly-hired female drivers, expressed her satisfaction with the trainings she received and said, ayrıca We also thank our Mayor Vahap Seçer for the trainings. We were very fortunate about this, previous friends have never had such an opportunity. We learned how to understand and how to behave with the passengers. The practical training we currently receive is sudden braking and maneuver training. One of the most important things that should be used in a possible situation. ”

“We don't just think about ourselves, we think about our citizens”

Mehmet Karakaya, who believes that the trainings will contribute greatly to the drivers, said, ında In the theoretical part of the training, we learned about the old laws, traffic laws and their rights. These trainings helped us a lot because some rules changed and we didn't know about these issues before. We would like to thank our President for this. It informs us and improves it. In practical training in the field, we also receive training on sudden brakes, ABS system, maneuvers, escapes, spin throwing, picking at fast entrances. We have been in traffic for many years. Trainings will greatly contribute to the current drivers because we are alive. We're not just thinking about ourselves. We think of our citizens. Since our president is in this opinion, he provides us with these trainings. We thank him very much ”.

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