Mars Logistics Moves to Spain in its 30th Year

mars logistics turned to spain in its third year
mars logistics turned to spain in its third year

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Mars Logistics, Turkey's leading logistics company, has made a significant investment abroad. Mars Logistics, which established its own company in Spain, aims to increase its logistics activities to a higher level with this investment.

Mars Logistics, which has one of the largest and largest fleets in Turkey, has turned its direction to Spain in its 30th year. Mars, which has established a company in Spain, one of the most important logistics locations of Europe, continues its growth. The company aims to improve the traffic between Spain and Turkey, where it is the market leader, and to open new lines between Spain and countries outside Turkey. Mars Logistics, which shows a sustainable growth every year, expects to close 2019 with a turnover of 1,8 billion TL. Mars, with its Spanish company, aims to turnover of 10 million euros per year.

30 years of experience and accumulation

Mars Logistics Chairman of the Board of Directors Garip SahillioÄ Ÿ llu, € Transport and logistics services related to the subject, with different geographies divided into different geographies every day. gaining moisture. In addition to production, with the diversification and growth of markets, more and more key roles in global trade traffic are taking place every day. From this point of view, Mars Logistics has been serving our customers for 30 years together with our young fleet and strong team. Our company in Spain, which started its operations as of December, has the characteristic of being an investment that we have made in line with our targets and which we attach great importance to. With this development, we are happy to have made Mars Logistics experience an internationally important position. Sayesinde Thanks to our new company in Spain, we will continue to offer our customers faster and safer transport guarantees and to create new lines outside Turkey. Dedi

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