Denizli Ski Center Wrapped in White

Denizli Ski Center Wrapped in White
Denizli Ski Center Wrapped in White

White paradise Pamukkale then the city's second white paradise, the Denizli Ski Center, has turned white. While Denizli Metropolitan Municipality completes all preparations to host its guests, it is expected that the snow thickness will reach the desired level for the opening of the ski season.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which was implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of making it an important attraction center in winter tourism of the city, has become white. 75 kilometers away from the city center Tavas district Nikfer Neighborhood 2 bin 420 altitude Bozdağ'da Denizli Ski Center in the city of white wrestling created joy. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, while completing all preparations to entertain guests, the opening of the ski season is expected to reach the desired level of snow thickness. Denizli Ski Center, which is the biggest ski center of the Aegean, is expected to receive intensive visitors from Denizli and the surrounding provinces this year, and it is expected to host tens of thousands of 13 runways with a total length of 9 kilometers.

Ski enthusiasts counting days

Winter sports enthusiasts waiting for the opening of the season as soon as the snow comes to the desired level are counting the days to enjoy snow and skiing. The 13 kilometer-long 9 track includes all the possibilities that amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders are looking for. In the mechanical facilities where 2 can be transported per hour, there are social structures that will meet all the daily needs of the visitors.


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