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Macedonia, which is a small country in terms of surface area among the Balkan countries, but has political and commercial importance on the European continent, has an ancient friendship relationship dating back to the Ottoman period. One of the main reasons why this friendship is permanent is undoubtedly our unity and integrity as a nation. Due to our friendship, our trade is also considerably intense. kazanis working. Within the framework of commercial agreements between the two countries, significant increases have been observed in exports and imports, especially in recent years. Of course, one of the important benefits and requirements of mutual trade is the transportation of the products sold.

There are many logistics companies in our country that make transportation to Macedonia. Among these companies, some companies are in the forefront and on the agenda with their comprehensive and different studies. Shipping companies Macedonia Arin Logistics, which has been involved in export and import transportation activities within a certain order, has an important place among the companies mentioned. Our company, which is effective in partial transportation with Macedonian and Turkish plate trucks and with weekly regular exits, is also able to meet the demands in areas such as heavy gauge transport, refrigerated truck transportation and container transportation.

Arinkin, which is frequently mentioned with its works in the field of international transportation, also carries out works covering all groups of the logistics line in areas such as logistics storage, customs clearance, port services. Macedonia shipping Our company Arinat Logistics, which has been continuously developing and enlarging its works from past to present, is proud of doing big projects that it has started and completed. High-model domestic and foreign origin, trucks, experienced drivers and the control center has found in our study that the experienced staff in our Turkey-Macedonia logistics line will serve as an example to our colleagues both results are obtained, as well as we manage the collection to our customers and appreciation.

In order to ensure that all transported products are delivered to the destination in a healthy and safe manner, our trucks make regular trips and operate under the guarantee of cmr insurance in order to ensure the safety of the transported products.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Iran Transportation Companies

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