Leading Company in Uzbekistan Transport

leading company in transportation of uzbekistan
leading company in transportation of uzbekistan

📩 23/12/2019 15:14

Since truck transportation has been one of the indispensable transportation methods for many years, the transportation to all border and distant countries is generally carried out by means of standard awned trucks called 13.60 semi-trailers. Numerous transport companies in our country continue their activities in the field of truck transportation. Mersin Nakliyat is one of the companies operating in the field of truck transportation, especially in Uzbekistan is carrying out important works. company that is the most preferred company among its competitors, who en experienced in export and import cargo transportation between Turkey and Uzbekistan are among the rare companies.

As well as many other countries where transportation is made by road, there are intensive flights to Uzbekistan. Mersin Nakliyat, which carries out the safe transportation of export and transit registered cargo groups with alternative route options over Iran and Georgia under the guarantee of truck report and cmr insurance Shipping companies Uzbekistan are among the rare preferred institutions. In addition to complete truck transportation and regular partial transportation services, our company provides smooth and safe transportation services in different areas such as heavy gauge transport, refrigerated truck transportation and container transportation.

Mersin Nakliyat, which makes deliveries without acting outside the road freight regulations, is open to service with its experienced drivers and operation team at any time of the day. and offers the terms. Shipping to Uzbekistan Based on the experience of the customer within the resources that lead to our company, including colleagues capital Tashkent in Uzbekistan particularly comprehensive trade all kinds of products from all regions of Turkey offers all the cities of the address delivered to the shipping service.

In matters of European products to be shipped to Uzbekistan in third countries which offer transitional transit freight transport Transport via Mersin, Turkey, which works, made in the form of direct transport service or indirect service are realized.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Mersin heavy transportations

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