Drone Training from KO-MEK to KOGACE

drone training
drone training

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Vocational and Art Education Courses has added a new one to Kocaeli Trainers Association (KOGACE) which is among the most important dynamics of the city. KO-MEK, which previously offered KOGACE members extensive training in social media and diction, has now provided training on the use of drones, the third eye in journalism. During the five-day training, KOGACE members acquired all stages of the training, which is important for their professional careers. Those who were successful at the end of the training were entitled to obtain a driving license.


KOGACE members showed great interest to the training held in KO-MEK Non-Formal Education Branch Directorate. During the five-day training in the UAV 50 class, in which 1 members participated, technical information was first given about drones and drones. In the training where the differences between UAV and drone were explained, drones were said to be unmanned aerial vehicles operating with wi-fi technology, which can be controlled by remote control and capable of shooting at a distance.


After this department, the course of Air Law and Responsibilities was started. In this stage, issues such as flight, device operations, membership to the system and who has the right to use the drone were highlighted. It was noted that a person who obtained the permission to use the drone should also be able to use the Notam map. During the first day of the course, the drones, who were flown without permission and without a license, were told to have legal sanctions such as imprisonment or administrative fine.


Within the scope of drone training given by KO-MEK, 90 main subjects such as ”Aircraft Flight Principles, Fixed and Rotating Wings, Engine Properties, Basic Laws and Definitions, Wing and Propeller Profiles, Effect of Loads Used on Devices, Center of Gravity, Meteorological Navigation and Operation” training was given in the title. These technical trainings ended with 'Maintenance and Repair' course.


On the last day of the course, flight trainings were conducted. During the training held in Izmit Fair, KOGACE members performed safe drone flights in the light of the training they received for five days.

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