Kırklareli University will recruit academic staff

kirklareli university will recruit academic staff
kirklareli university will recruit academic staff

📩 04/12/2019 17:15

The relevant articles of the Law No. 2547 and the 657th article of the Civil Servants Law No. 48 to the cadres, which are open in the units of Kırklareli University and whose departments / departments and titles and conditions are specified, the Regulation on the Determination and Use of the Norm Staffs of the Faculty Members in the State Higher Education Institutions, 36 faculty members will be recruited in accordance with the Regulations on the Promotion and Appointment of Membership and the Criteria for Promotion and Appointment to the Faculty Membership of our University.

Applications for professors and associate professors to the Rectorate Personnel Department; for the faculty members of the doctor, the applications will be made to the related units personally and applications made by post will not be accepted.
15 days are valid as of the publication date; All information is given below.

The equivalence of diplomas obtained from foreign countries must be approved by the Higher Education Council and / or the Interuniversity Council.

Documents required for professors' application (All documents requested below will be prepared in 6 team CD, except for Faculty Member Application Form)

1.Documentation / Forms / Academic Staff Sb. Md. Forms for Academic Staff Announcements Application Form

2. Photocopy of identity card / TC ID card,

3. Photocopy of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees,

4. Photocopy of Associate Professorship Certificate,

5. CV and list of publications (Main research work to be mentioned),

6. Publications,

7. One (1) photographs (must be attached to the application form),

8. The “Candidate Activity-Scoring Table” must be filled in accordance with the Criteria for Upgrade and Appointment to Faculty Membership.

9. Security Investigation Form (Personnel Department will be downloaded from the website and filled in 2 copies will be issued.)

10. A copy of the service document showing the public service, if any (indicating obligatory service, if any).

The documents required for the application of the associate professors (All documents requested below will be prepared in 4 team CD, except the Faculty Member Application Form)

Application Start and Deadline: 04.12.2019 / 18.12.2019
Pre-evaluation Results Announcement Date: 23.12.2019
Exam Entry Date: 25.12.2019
Result Description Date: 27.12.2019

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