Kayseri Erciyes Introduced with Thai Tourism

Kayseri Erciyes Introduced with Thai Tourism
Kayseri Erciyes Introduced with Thai Tourism

Kayseri Erciyes was introduced to tourism professionals in Thailand, which is determined as a market within the scope of the new tourism and promotion strategy.

Tourism agencies and hotel officials from Kayseri met with the representatives of tourism agencies operating in Thailand at the Kayseri-Erciyes introductory meeting held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with the initiative of the Turkish Airlines Kayseri Directorate.

Cooperation potential was evaluated in the organization where tourism was brought together. The natural beauties of Kayseri, especially Erciyes, the touristic and cultural riches of the region were explained and one-to-one meetings were provided.

indicating that many people wanting to go to Bangkok from Thailand to Turkey Turkey's Ambassador to the Universe Dağdelen Akgun, "people will think of Turkey in Thailand usually comes deyince Cappadocia and I see they were very impressed from Cappadocia. I am sure that those who will go to Cappadocia with the presentations made here and the promotion of Kayseri will turn their way to Kayseri. ”

THY Kayseri Manager Fatih Inan said, “We realized the first stage of Kayseri promotion workshop with this meeting. In the second stage, we want to host Thai agencies in Kayseri. We plan to start sales after that. In fact, as THY, we are planning to make a special price for Thailand-Kayseri flights. ”

Dr. Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the program participating in the program in Thailand. Murat Cahid Cıngı also gave tourism operators detailed information about the ski infrastructure of Erciyes and the opportunities offered by the region.

He pointed out that they are expanding the international promotion network for Erciyes day by day. Murat Cahid Cıngı said, “As Erciyes AŞ, we are trying to reach new markets every day. Southeast Asia is one of them. Because many people from this region come to Cappadocia. With the promotional activities to be held in these regions, we can accommodate the guests coming to Cappadocia in Erciyes for a few days. For this, we have determined a marketing strategy with THY. As a reflection of this, we introduced Erciyes in Bangkok with the tourism professionals in Kayseri. On this occasion, meetings were held with major tourism agencies of Thailand and the region. We told the agencies that we can host the tourists they send to Cappadocia in Erciyes, and that the infrastructure of this is ready. ”



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