KARDÖKMAK opens its first overseas branch in Bulgaria

Kardokmak opened its first overseas branch in Bulgaria
Kardokmak opened its first overseas branch in Bulgaria

Turkey's largest maker and molding incorporating the factory and owned high molding industry by mechanical processing capacity of Turkey's Kardemir located between the leading institutions subsidiary to Kardon, Inc., Bulgaria Harmonie 2012 is an investment company with turnkey factory construction contract was signed. KARDÖKMAK, together with the signed contract, opened its first foreign branch in Bulgaria to carry out other activities in Europe.

KARDÖKMAK Company Manager Murat Canbaz stated that the agreement to be established as a turnkey factory within the scope of the contract signed with Harmonee 2012 investment company and Istanbul Office of the company is a first step and that KARDÖKMAK is a first step in similar factory institutions in Europe. more active role.

To Kardon is a KARDEMİR provider AŞ Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Paper Industry, Gypsum Factory, Copper Businesses such as rotary furnace plants, mainly Iron and Steel Plant and Power Plants provide many sectors of spare parts such as meat that and in this area of ​​Turkey's most Noting that it has large tonnage casting and machining capacity, Company Manager Canbaz stated that they have also taken initiatives to establish new recycling plants in Europe through new branches based in Bulgaria. Canbaz said: amacıyla In order to bring more added value to the national economy, as a company, we have focused more on exports in recent years. We have made significant investments in both our machinery and engineering infrastructure. In recent months, we also signed a long-term supplier agreement with German steel giant Thyssenkrupp. We are currently exporting to 30 countries. We will double this number by supplying both factory institutions and parts in accordance with the 100th year vision of our parent company KARDEMİR. ”

KARDÖKMAK is one of the main suppliers of MKE Heavy Arms Factory.



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