KARDEMİR Staff Receives Their Professional Competence Certificates

kardemir personnel was given professional qualification certificate
kardemir personnel was given professional qualification certificate

Certificates were given to 1.518 personnel who succeeded in theoretical and performance exams in national qualifications held by KARDEMİR by the HAK-İŞ Confederation Professional Competence and Certification Center.

Adem Ceylan, Chairman of the Vocational Qualification Authority, Mahmut Arslan, Chairman of HAK-İŞ Confederation, Ömer Faruk Öz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of our company, Dr. Ömer Faruk Öz, General Manager of our company. Hüseyin Soykan, Kardökmak A.Ş. Şadi Yolbulan, Vice Chairman of HAK-İŞ Osman Yıldız, Özçelik İş Trade Union President Yunus Değirmenci and Vice President Recep Akyel, our company's Assistant General Managers, Unit Managers, Özçelik-İş Trade Union Karabük Branch Chairman Ulvi Üngören and Branch Management and company employees who were entitled to receive certificates attended.

After the reading of the National Anthem, KARDEMİR promotional film and video screening about the certification process, our company's General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan said that the national qualification system will contribute to reducing unemployment in the medium and long term, improving employment, increasing productivity and competitiveness and thus strengthening the national economy.

Soykan drew attention to the changes in the world and the rapid development in technology. “In the past, it was important to produce only. “Produce, but produce whatever you produce” was dominant. The quality of the producing person, education, job security, quality of the goods and services produced were not among the priorities. Not today. It's not what you produce anymore, it's how you produce it. All management systems question what it produces and how it produces it. You will produce, but you will produce high quality, you will produce in accordance with the national and international standards determined in this regard. You will produce it, but you will produce it while paying attention to occupational health and safety. You will produce, but you will produce without polluting the environment. You will produce, but the employee will be qualified and documented the competencies that can do the job. ”

Stating that they make special efforts to carry out vocational training and examinations in our company and that employees are provided with all kinds of opportunities in terms of training, the General Manager Soykan also gave information about the Vocational Qualification and Certification Center of HAK-İŞ Confederation and the certification activities realized in our company. In 2017, Machinery Maintenance Level 4 was certified by National Qualification, Steel Welder Level-301 by National Qualification, Refractory Level-3 and Level-32 National Qualification was certified by 3 personnel. Soykan stated that 4 personnel were entitled to receive the qualification certificate and said, “Thus, a total of 75 employees received the Vocational Qualification Certificate. I would like to thank our Vocational Qualification Authority, Hak İş Confederation, HAK-İŞ Vocational Qualification Certification Center and Özçelik-İş Union for their great contribution to this important process. We want to carry out these activities by certifying our employees in 2019 as well as rolling mill, crane operator, CNC operator, electromechanical assembly worker and many other professional fields. ”

Ömer Faruk Öz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of KARDEMİR, drew attention to the importance of specialization in his speech at the ceremony. “No matter what job we do, we should be the one who does it best, Öz said Öz, recalling that the Vocational Qualification Authority made it compulsory for those working in hazardous or very dangerous jobs to attend a vocational qualification course.

Pointing out the importance of working ethics as much as professional competence, our Company Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ömer Faruk Öz stated that he has been working in many institutions until today, but he has not seen any employee loyal and loyal to the institution he works for, he said, “The glow in your eyes it guarantees that it will operate for hundreds of years. ” Öz continued his speech as follows: “We started from 1937 until 1995, our state has ruled here. The first factory, the factory that established factories, is an organization leading all iron and steel factories. With the privatization after 1995, our union, especially 3 families, in the same way and all our employees prevented the closure of this factory. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. By 2003, the liquid steel produced by Kardemir was 600 thousand tons. Today we are pushing 3,5 million tons. Within the framework of the political stability in our country and the importance and support of our President, especially in the steel industry, Kardemir boards of directors have brought Kardemir to an important place today by completing its technological infrastructure open to innovations. In line with the objectives set by our President, 2023 Turkey's iron and steel industry in particularly closed to imports, exports, as Kardemir Board with a clear goal of becoming the industry, we continue to strive with all our ways. As it is known, it was an application like never before in 2017. We came as Independent Board Members. I was elected Chairman of the Board on the first day, and we continue to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board in the next two years. I would like to point out specifically. We independent board members are not a party to any party. We are the side of Kardemir, we are the side of Kardemir's employees. We endeavor to save Kardemir's next 10 years, produce precious steel, compete with world giants. We try to contribute to the institutionalization of Kardemir in every field. We do all the work we do within the framework of equity, law and legislation. Everyone should know this especially. We have only one problem to think about Kardemir's present, not the present 10 years, 100 years, and to go accordingly. After coming to duty, our first job was to work on the production of 450 thousand tons of wastes that our country meets with imports in Kardemir. We have created a new infrastructure for this. With the introduction of our General Manager and with our engineers and employees at all levels, we are now a company that supplies steel to the automotive industry. This is an important success. Likewise, we have launched joint efforts with the defense industry and the steel of Turkey's defense industry will go from the Kardemir. We accelerated the investment in the railway wheel factory, which started 5 years ago but awaiting idle, and the 16th in the world. We became a railway wheel manufacturer. There is much to be done for this country. Each of you may have come from different places, we may have different thoughts. As long as our common concern is this country, this nation, this flag, this state, nothing can stand in front of this country with the permission of Allah. I see this in Kardemir. I see the excitement of the employees of our company in this regard.

In his speech in the speech of Hak-İş Confederation, Mahmut Arslan stated that they attached great importance to professional competence as a confederation and that they carried out important works in this regard. Emphasizing that they do not only deal with social rights and economic situation, but also think about the qualified workforce of the country, Arslan gave information about the work of the Professional Competence and Certification Center (MEYEB) established within their bodies. Expressing that they always support MYK as the Hak-İş Confederation and take part in it, Arslan said, “Despite all these difficulties, our country is surrounded by all kinds of terrorism and part, We believe in the potential of this country despite the establishment of stalls. We believe in the unity and integrity of this country. Therefore, Turkey's alliance, an alliance of Turkey, Republic of Turkey to protect the state's future together, together we need to achieve this solidarity, "he added.

Özçelik-İş President Yunus The miller in his speech at the ceremony, born and raised in that Kardemir unions and stated that Turkey is a trade union, drew attention to our company unionism started the first institution in Turkey. For this reason, Değirmenci said that Özçelik-İş Syndicate, who felt indebted to all its employees, felt responsible in this project and signed a protocol with HAK-İŞ Confederation. undertook.

Vocational Qualifications Authority Chairman Adam said in his speech at the Ceylan FMC is a legal entity of public governance in Turkey is represented at the highest level. Stating that qualified products and qualified services are formed by a qualified and similar work force, Ceylan said, “We have 216 examination and certification institutions authorized by VQA Board of Directors. Annual examination capacities of these institutions are 3 million 500 thousand. As a result of the measurement and evaluation without compromising quality assurance, over 900 thousand people have gained a professional qualification certificate as of today. Our government's 2023 goal is a million qualified, certified workforce. We will have reached one million in the first quarter of the next year or in the first 2023 months without staying until 6. ” Stating that the government supports this system, Ceylan said, “There are 225 professions that have been authorized by our Ministry to impose documents. These are all dangerous and very dangerous professions. As our institution and ministry, we have brought document obligations in the papers we have published in 143 professions so far. ” used the expression.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of the documents to the employees of our company who were entitled to receive the Level-3 Qualification Certificate of the Bridge Crane Operator and the participants visited the newly established Railway Wheel Production Facilities during the technical trip.

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