KARDEMİR First Train Wheel Sales

kardemir sells its first train wheels
kardemir sells its first train wheels

After the privatization realized KARDEMİR increase the production capacity of 2 billion dollars on the investment in products that offer Turkey's automotive market, it focused on the goals of the defense industry and national rail system.

National Automotive National Steel flexible production structure with Rod Wire Rod Mill, machinery manufacturing various diameters and quality of the bar for the industry and steel producing our company in coil form, Turkey Cars Initiative Group of intellectual owned by Turkey's property rights, a car that will compete globally started to produce new steel grades for the automotive industry in order to contribute to the work it has done to create the brand. Our company, which came together with all the parties and professional organizations to determine the needs and expectations in this field with the working groups formed primarily, has successfully produced 23MnB4, 27MnB4, C10C and 1006 quality steels used by the industry in the production of fasteners. Meanwhile, our company, which has completed the certification processes by obtaining the IATF 16949 Automotive Management System Certificate, which covers the technical requirements for the automotive industry in the international arena, presented its 54SiCr6 quality steel and high carbon steel productions used in the construction of the suspension springs to the commercial market. Our company continues to work on steel grades such as 17MnB3 and 30MnB4 to produce the steel grades used by the industry in tires and called heel wires (Tire Cord).

Close Cooperation with Defense Industry KARDEMİR became a member of SAHA Istanbul (Defense, Aviation and Space Clustering Association) in this period, in order to contribute to the development of Defense, Aerospace Sector and increase the share of domestic production in this field and to create a global competitive advantage through sectoral specialization. production of defense industry steels was also a priority target. The executives of our company, which hosted a delegation from the Defense Industry Presidency in Karabük in the past months, determined a new roadmap for the sector-oriented productions. As a result of the first studies, 42CrMo4 (4140) quality steels, which are used in various abrasion resistant parts manufacturing of the sector, are produced in coil form and introduced to the market. Our company's goal in this field is to contribute to the national economy as the first integrated iron and steel factory of our country to serve to increase the nationalization rates reaching 70% in the Defense Industry.

Rail System in National Brand inaugurated President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2007, when Ray-profile with the Facility, as the only rail manufacturer between Turkey and regional countries, in the railway mobilization started in our country, which has become one of the TCDD's most important strategic partner KARDEMİR spends about 750 million TL of this Rail Wheel Production year investment completed by the facility, not only in Turkey, the world's leading manufacturers of printing between the names. While counting the days for mass production, our company, which realized its first wheel sales last month, will produce a total of 120.000 freight trains, 40.000 passenger trains, 20.000 light rail systems and 20.000 locomotive wheels. Turkey's railway wheel needs of all the major portion of KARDEMİR capacity to meet alone while in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Middle East, mainly in European countries such as France and is planning to marketing to the North African country.

Growth Based on Environment and Society KARDEMİR, crowning its growth in production capacity and product diversity with projects focused on the environment and society, has invested more than $150 million in environmental investments so far. I still continue my environmental investments of 50 million dollars. Our company also played an important role in the development of Karabuk University, which was established in 2007 and ranked among the top 2020 universities in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) 1000 ranking. Our company, which has realized the construction of many faculties within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility and put it at the service of Karabük University, has also contributed to the increase of social welfare in Karabük with the projects it supports in different fields such as education, culture, art, science, sports and health. The current agenda of the company is in Karabük. kazanThere are industrial museum, theater and cultural center projects to be opened.

100 Thousand Housing Project The 100 thousand new social housing project, announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to be realized through TOKİ recently, has increased Kardemir's expectations for 2020 as in all sectors. KARDEMİR increased its production capacity to 3 million tons with the investments completed during the year; rail, rail caster, heavy profile and thick coils in the sector, such as products to distinguish itself in the export market plans to move, especially the local industry needs billet and construction steel will strengthen its position in the domestic market.

In the eyes of Filyos Port Project with a capacity of 25 million tons of Turkey's largest port of Zonguldak Filyos Port Project to be built in the sea, away from the rest Kardemir's of great importance in terms of logistics costs. Our company, which is the biggest customer of the port, whose infrastructure works have been completed by 90%, has a load capacity of 8 million tons, and has informed the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that it aspires to the superstructure and management of the port. Our company, which is on the agenda of the construction of a new blast furnace with a capacity of 1 million tons, is waiting for the port to be built in Filyos in order to realize the 3,5 million tons of production it will reach.

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  1. The tran wheel produced by karabük for the first time should be used for at least-3 years on trains (for testing purposes).