KARDEMIR Completes Two More Important Environmental Investments

kardemir completes two more important investments
kardemir completes two more important investments

KARDEMİR, which started 2019 with the opening of environmental investments completed in Sinter Region and opened a series of investments aimed at capacity increase during the year, completed two more major environmental investments in the last days of the year.

Blast Furnace Zone Dust Collecting Systems and Central Wastewater Treatment Plant 2nd Phase additional environmental investments were put into service with a ceremony held today.

KARDEMİR Central Wastewater Treatment Plant held the opening ceremony of the Governor of Karabük Fuat Gürel, Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Yolbulan and members of the Board of Directors, General Manager. Hüseyin Soykan and Assistant General Managers, Özçelik İş Union Karabük Branch Chairman Ulvi Üngören and Board Members, K.Ü. Head of Department of Environmental Engineering Dr, Hamiyet Şahin Kol and the chairman and executives of the Environmental Associations in Karabük and employees participated.

Speaking at the ceremony, Karabük Governor Fuat Gurel, environmental and air pollution is one of the priorities in the city, he said. KARDEMİR met with the management constantly, environmental and air pollution, they say that they work on the Gurel, the city's instant monitoring by the ministry in different parts of the city said. Our Governor Gürel said that he liked the emphasis of the Green Kardemir in the ceremony area and said: “The Green Kardemir will bring Green Karabük with him. Because Kardemir is the reason for Karabük. So far, 150 million dollars of environmental investment has been made. In the future, the company will make another 50 million dollar environmental investment. With the investments made, Kardemir will become a really green Kardemir. Konu

In his speech at the ceremony, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yol Environmental Investments Have Always Been Priority Mustafa pointed out that the environment is always one of our most important and priority issues, and while continuing our growth-oriented investments, on the other hand, social responsibility projects at the same time.

Stating that none of these investments were less important than the other, Yolbulan said, ık On the one hand we had to grow in accordance with the economies of scale and on the other hand to expand our product range. This was indispensable for us in the increasingly difficult competition market. Today, Kardemir has reached a certain level both in terms of production capacity and product variety. We have more important things to do. We have to complete the investments we have planned for Kardemir's sustainable successes..

Mustafa Yolbulan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who also included the developments in the steel industry in his speech, stated that the developments in our close geography, the idle capacity size in the world steel sector, the problems experienced in the raw material markets and the protective policies in the sector led by the USA, in general in the global trade, He said that the cause. Yolbulan pointed out that 2019 was one of the most challenging years of the steel industry. We have endeavored to use our resources as optimally as possible, to continue our activities in a balanced manner from production to investment, from environment to employee training. We will also rapidly complete our environmental investments, which we call 3rd Stage, in the coming period. In this way, we will realize an environmental investment of 200 million dollars. This is our responsibility both to Karabük, where we find life, and to our country. ”

“We Fulfilled All Our Commitments” KARDEMİR General Manager Dr. In his speech, Hüseyin Soykan gave comprehensive information about KARDEMİR's environmental investments, which started in 2006 and continued in 3 different stages. The General Manager, who said that there has been an investment of 2006 million dollars in environment, 2016 million dollars between 100-2016 and 2019 million dollars between 50-150, has been made so far. Hüseyin Soykan noted that a total investment expenditure of TL 55 million was made for the Blast Furnaces Dust Holding Systems opened and TL 11 million among the additional facilities of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Soykan said that all of the commitments made to both Karabük Municipality and the Ministry have been fulfilled with these investments. He also gave information about the greening and visual improvement works carried out at the factory. In this publication, we have concreted over 2019 m² area and planted thousands of trees. We created a greener Kardemir with visual improvement. Kardemir will continue to grow with more environmentally friendly production and more efficient production. Tamam

After the speeches, two facilities were opened with a prayer.



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