İZTAŞIT Departs From Seferihisar

iztasit seferihisardan departed
iztasit seferihisardan departed

İZTAŞIT departed from Seferihisar. The project, which includes motor transport cooperatives, which generally serve with minibuses, to the public transportation network of Izmir, will be implemented in all surrounding districts of Izmir.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed an important project that will increase public transportation opportunities to districts outside the city center. Motor transport cooperatives, which generally serve with minibuses, were included in İzmir's public transportation network. The first step of the project, which was carried out by the General Directorate of ESHOT, was taken at a ceremony in which 28 new vehicles were introduced in Seferihisar.

Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer stressed that the project will be one of the cornerstones of the city's transportation history. Mayor Soyer said, uz We bring more quality, higher standards and corporate identity to the public transportation service provided by cooperatives in the surrounding districts. Instead of minibuses, IZTAŞIT buses equipped with state-of-the-art technology, comfortable, environment-friendly, disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, with camera and low floor are coming. ”

All surrounding districts in the near future

Mayor Soyer said that public transportation will be provided in all surrounding districts of Izmir in the near future under the İZTAŞIT project. Our individual carriers will gain corporate identity and prestige. Serious comfort and comfort will be provided for our citizens. The more comfortable the vehicle, the more often it works; We will see that the waiting time of our fellow citizens is very short. Furthermore, İZTAŞITs will serve to the neighborhoods where ESHOT buses could not go before and only minibuses work. The fact that the vehicles are under the supervision of ESHOT will guarantee quality and corporate service ”.

Mayor Soyer stated that these lines will not be sold through tenders as in private public buses. “We will develop and expand the bread of the real owners and drivers of our tradesmen. Because we are people's municipalities. One of our main goals is to increase prosperity throughout Izmir and to distribute this prosperity fairly throughout the city. ”

Seferihisar Mayor Ismail Adult, the city will be the turning point of the project will start from Seferihisar'dan proud of living, he said. "We will give all kinds of support for the success of the project and the satisfaction of our fellow citizens."

At the end of the ceremony, İZTAŞIT buses were put into service by cutting the ribbon. Mayor Soyer, members of the protocol and citizens introduced the city tour by throwing İZTAŞIT'lar.

Besides the representatives of Seferihisar citizens and many motor carrier cooperatives throughout İzmir, CHP İzmir Deputy Kani Beko, Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult, Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce and Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar also attended.

ESHOT has made it suitable for public transport

Seferihisar'da transport cooperatives operating as scattered under the name of SS 43 No. Motor Carriers Cooperative. The car owners bought 28 new buses of all types. The vehicles were prepared in accordance with public transportation in the Inciralti Garage of ESHOT General Directorate.

Boarding with Izmirim Card

İZTAŞIT flights will start between Seferihisar and İzmir as of 29 December 2019 Sunday. Like all public transportation vehicles, İZTAŞITs will be boarded with İzmirim Card. Timetables can be viewed on the ESHOT website and on the ESHOT application, which can be installed on smartphones.

Disabled and over 65

40 percent or more disabled report holders who are entitled to “free” boarding of ESHOT buses, a companion of severely disabled persons and citizens over 65; ESHOT'un card center in Konak and the IMM Seferihisar Local Services Directorate can get free of charge with the Izmirim Card with photos IZTAŞIT'ların board.

ESHOT will be supervised

Vehicles, drivers and cooperative management will be supervised by ESHOT. All trainings given to ESHOT drivers will be given to İZTAŞIT drivers regularly. Transportation planning will be done by ESHOT. The data collection of the fee collection devices (validator) to be installed in İZTAŞIT will be seen by both the vehicle owners and the Department of Data Processing of ESHOT General Directorate. The total revenue and free boarding per vehicle will be paid to the vehicle owners on a monthly basis.

Frequent expeditions to each neighborhood

Seferihisar-İzmir and Ürkmez-İzmir lines and Seferihisar public transportation service will be provided only by İZTAŞIT buses. IZTAŞIT'ların will not go to the neighborhood will not work frequently. Risks caused by minibuses in traffic will end. Current ESHOT stops will be used by İZTAŞITs. İZTAŞITs will serve in the following lines:
975 Seferihisar - F. Altay (He does not enter Ulamis)
985 Seferihisar by F. Altay
986 Urkmez - Seferihisar
987 Ürkmez - F. Altay
989 Orhanli to Seferihisar
990 Men - Seferihisar
991 Camtepe - Seferihisar

Features of vehicles

Eight meters long, İZTAŞIT has a capacity of 21 passengers, 60 of which are residents. Equipped with the latest technology, comfortable, Euro 6 emission criteria, disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, camera and low-floor buses, thanks to the GPRS device is compatible with the fleet tracking system.

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