İzmir Public Transportation System Red Flag Owner

izmir subway and eshot buses have unobstructed transportation
izmir subway and eshot buses have unobstructed transportation

3 On December World Day of People with Disabilities, 61 has reached the number of Red Flag holders in Izmir. The Red Flag represents areas accessible to disabled citizens.

Red Flag as the first and only application that was implemented in Izmir, Turkey becoming more common. The number of getir Red Flags teki in the city reached to 2014 with the application launched at 61 in order to encourage the public spaces to be accessible for the disabled and to increase the number of these spaces. Menemen Municipality Emiralem Barrier-Free Life Center and Kemalpaşa Municipality Building became the last two buildings to receive the Red Flag.

The President of the Red Flag Commission and the Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aysel Özkan, who made a statement on the subject, reminded that the implementation was implemented within the scope of ENGELSİZMİR Project and emphasized the importance of accessibility of the disabled to public spaces. Özkan called on all the institutions and organizations in Izmir to participate in the application to wave the red flags.

How to get a Red Flag?

In order to get the Red Flag, first of all, a written application is made to the Social Projects Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The committee, which is selected among the members of the commission, examines the site on the spot and evaluates it according to criteria such as ramps, in-house horizontal circulation, in-house vertical circulation, direction and signs and reports to the commission. The Commission makes its decision based on the accessibility features of the area. The positive decision is finalized after the approval of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council and the relevant place is entitled to receive the Red Flag.

The Red Flag is given in three categories: 1, 2 and 3. One star is given to areas that provide 60 percent, 2 star percent 75 percent, 3 star minimum 90 percent of the accessibility criteria.

Some of the places that have Red Flag in İzmir are as follows: Izmir subway, buses affiliated to ESHOT, overpasses, buses affiliated to ESHOT General Directorate, overpasses affiliated to the Directorate of Transportation, ferries and piers connected to İZDENİZ A.Ş. , Bayraklı Course Center, Buca Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University Distance Education and Research Center, Koçtaş Bornova Branch, Renaissance İzmir Hotel, Bornova Oral and Dental Health Center and Aliağa State Hospital.



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