Imamoglu Calls for President Erdogan to Channel Istanbul

Imamoglu Calls for President Erdogan to Channel Istanbul
Imamoglu calls on President Istanbul to President Erdogan

Channel Istanbul Calls for Imamoglu to President Erdogan: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Imamoglu, Dudullu-Bostanci Metro Line Project Icerenkoy Station site examined. Following his speech, İmamoğlu answered journalists' questions in the construction site 20 meters below the ground and said, mis Will you invite the President to the Channel Istanbul Workshop? Or do you have an appointment as before?, The question is, “My request is: Mr. President, HE Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, even other political leaders. No matter who I am. Have them invite, let's come. Let me tell them all the scientific data and all the foundations. I'm sure I'll convince ”.


Emamoglu emphasized that their aim to be against Kanal Istanbul is to prioritize such projects that cannot be financed or loaned in the last 1,5-2 years in the difficult conditions of the country. When we're done, we invite them, we embrace them. But we will never and never sit down and say 'Yes' to any work that has no priority, in favor of the citizen, not in the nature and favor of this city. Already in this process, we will not receive such instructions, we are against the understanding that translates words into instructions for unnecessary and unnecessary jobs, we will receive instructions from all 16 million people have passed to our people. We're standing right there. This kind of beautiful and useful projects, projects that include the national sense. Because you happy when you make 16 million people and peaceful, it is reflected as energy to Turkey, "he said.


Cumhurbaşkanı On yesterday's presentation about Channel Istanbul, President Erdoğan made a statement. You were the target of his words. President; 'First, the owner of the project is the Republic of Turkey. Their task is to act in accordance with the decision of the state. Negligent account of the nation and the law will necessarily give the account 'he said. What are your thoughts on this issue? ”

I read the statements of the President of the Republic through a text in Çekmeköy. After the 'How to work well with Çekmeköy' meeting. Frankly, I would have expected a more descriptive explanation from the President of the Republic of Turkey about Kanal Istanbul. But we still hear similar sentences. Previously, "We will dig, hit, tender, sit down, look at the job" instead of the sentence, today 'Account gives' the sentence was added. Not really nice. I don't find it right either. On the contrary, if you have a decisive set of evidence, your statements; you would express them. We'd understand something. I did not understand anything from the statements on behalf of Kanal Istanbul. When we look at it today, of course, we have responsibilities towards the state. To some units, the Court of Accounts, the Council of State… I am the mayor. But my most accurate and decisive point is our 16 million people. And I'm already accountable to them. Last week, I hope they followed; I've already given 16 million people an account for six months. I will continue to account. The only thing I can't account for; Channel Istanbul, which I call murder, is the subject of the launch of Istanbul. If he starts, I cannot account for the people of Istanbul. Already can not give themselves. Until now, “Betrayal” they say, tik We have betrayed Istanbul sıf they say, in addition to the murder of the President in fact, I'm trying to favor. ”


“Somehow they won? ' he had a sentence. In fact, you are not the winner, not the CHP, the AK Party, and the majority in parliament drew attention dikkat ”

Of course, I still don't understand the idea of ​​bringing it up for discussion. I guess that's the language of psychology that makes it wrong. Indeed, I believe that they and their close circle do not advocate this process. People in the cabinet don't believe in it either. But what is it, where was it imposed? Olur Hundreds were taken from institutions olur. It wasn't taken from the State Hydraulic Works. Not taken from State Airports. Not taken from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. What more? In other words, there are no scientists who go on television and talk about it - I mean the scientist. What have you expressed, what have you defined so that people can be convinced? It is not enough that the recipe is made to the election we won. Very sad. We are obviously not engaged with them. So if the election today, not the trauma they created 800 thousand difference, 1 million 600 thousand difference would be. I feel, understand and see that Mr. President has analyzed, read, and read very well as someone who has had a lot of local and general elections with his deep political experience. ”


“Yesterday, you invited the ministers to the workshop. It seems that this dialogue is not only with the ministers, but also with the President. Will you invite the President? Or would you like to make an appointment as before? Because can you convince him? Because you have documents, as you explained the scientific figures yesterday. Is there such a development? ”

In our 15-article presentation, we have already talked completely scientific. Our citizens; with reason, science, we have tried to explain why this is wrong and we will continue. But I see that; Mr. President, today he only told us about the past. Sir, he said that while doing this political, this political said. When we get back there, we say: Cumhurbaşkanı Mr. President, you said that Bridge 3 was a betrayal of Istanbul, but you did. ”Let's not go into these. I'm telling the future. I tell the children of this city that they will come to their youth. Scientifically speaking. Edin Convince us, ”he said. OK. I'd be pleased. I have already told him since July that I will talk about the important issues of Istanbul. My friends know very well; One of my most important 3-4 files is Kanal İstanbul. We're still waiting for an appointment. But my request is that: Mr. President, Mr. President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, even other political leaders can participate. No matter who I am. Have them invite, let's come. Let me tell them all the scientific data and all the foundations. I'm sure I can. Because in the face of this society's priorities in terms of what is happening today and in terms of what will happen in the future with the right grounds, we are so clear that this work. It's all about reason and science, not about politics at all. We are not interested in “He said that”. I'm waiting for an invitation. May the President invite us. Mayor Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will also come. Other political party leaders. On behalf of the people of Istanbul, let me tell them the cries of this murder-oriented project with scientific data.


Ünkü In your statement yesterday, you said that there were 30 million square meters of construction activity and that the first three companies were Arab companies. This announcement was on the agenda and the coverage of these Arab companies was reported. Will you elaborate on these three Arab companies? ”

First of all, let me say that the zoning movement, not the deed movement. In other words, because the Minister of Urbanism used a very ambitious sentence tır There was no deed movement ”, I had to explain it. 30 million square meters of title deed. Bayrampaşa, Gaziosmanpaşa and Beyoğlu, including three districts. That's what we told you. In other words, it is a detail that the top 3 firms are the Arabs that make the most investment. It would betray this process if all this is put in front of all the issues. The other one is more important.


“President Erdoğan's speech in 2011 is also on the agenda. ' Nobody knows about that route because it had a 'purposeful explanation' to prevent it. ”

If the President invites the visible movement of 30 million square meters, we will tell them one by one. There we sort out the individual title deeds by whom. I don't know if surprise names come up. I don't know if any of them know anything. But a detail for me. For me the future of the city. Water, air, the layout of this city is not upset. So it would be a little magazine. Who has the title deed. these issues do not interest me much.


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