Channel Istanbul Report from İmamoğlu to Ministry of Environment as Manifesto

ibb invited to channel istanbul idk meeting
ibb invited to channel istanbul idk meeting

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality presented a negative report to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization against the Kanal Istanbul project, which was announced as the 'crazy project' by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President and AKP President.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality presented Kanal Istanbul's views on the EIA report to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in a 56-page report. SözcüAccording to the report signed by Erdoğan Süzer, Başak Kaya and Asuman Aranca, the report stated that this project was not needed, and that if it were done, nature would suffer greatly, Istanbul's water resources would be largely destroyed and uninhabitable. In addition, it has been determined that the natural structure of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea will deteriorate and that great disasters may occur in the face of tsunami and earthquake risks.

In the last part of the report, which is almost a manifesto, â € œIn this kind of huge projects concerning the future of the city and its inhabitants, taking into account the views of the elected municipal mayors, the first and the last years. It should be seen as a requirement of the right of employment. At this stage of the project, local democracy and the participation of the public were warned.

ImamamoÄŸlu: You don't farm yourself, your father

On the other hand Ä ° mamo Ÿ m CumhuriyetIn the statements he made to Hazal Ocak, he said, “We are entering with a dozer. You are not building a farm for yourself, your father. This is not an issue related to the survival of 16 million, 82 million people. ” Pointing out that the future of Istanbul is usurped, İmamoğlu said, “I cannot even predict the destruction and pollution of the project. Does Istanbul need this for God's sake? Is this a desert, is this a desert, are you building a city here? ” asked.

Ä ° mamoÄ :lu: We do not threaten the future of Istanbul

The details of the statement made by President and AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to journalists in Geneva yesterday have been revealed. President said, “There is no right given to us in Montreux from the straits. They come and go as they please. Imagine they use your throat, but you can't get anything. But Kanal Istanbul is not like that ”. In response to these words of İBB President İmamoğlu Erdoğan, “3 tankers will pass, 5 tankers will pass, it is the Montreux contract… Don't be fooled by anyone… Channel Istanbul does not contain anything to ease our hands about the Montreux Convention. We do not threaten the future of Istanbul to those who deceive the society and mislead the society and say that we were wrong. ”

Charge by CHP Gülizar Biçer Karaca: report that Istanbul will remain dehydrated was under the head

CHP Deputy Chairman Gülizar Biçer Karaca, who will meet with AYM Kanal Istanbul, has revealed with documents that the opinion submitted by the State Hydraulic Works for the Kanal Istanbul Project is not included in the EIA report.

He shared the letter that DSI wrote to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 03.12.2019 with the public. Karaca said, “If Kanal Istanbul is realized in the DSI Report, which is subluminated, 375 million cubic meters of water loss is predicted for Lake Terkos, this figure is 30 million cubic meters in the EIA Report. Annual water loss in Sazlıdere Dam is 52 million cubic meters according to DSI, 2,7 million in the EIA Report. If Kanal Istanbul comes to life, there will be 70 million cubic meters of water loss, and 427 million cubic meters of water in a bad scenario. This means that 1 out of every Istanbulites will be dehydrated. ”

AYM Kanal will meet Istanbul

The Constitutional Court ruled on the basis of the previous week's application for the cancellation of the law article, which allowed the construction of the Kanal ° stanbul stanbul project, which led to discussions, with the build-operate-transfer model. will baäÿla.

In the bag law adopted on July 26, 2018 in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, there was also a legal arrangement to include Kanal Istanbul and similar waterway projects within the scope of the build-operate-transfer model. The CHP applied to the Constitutional Court with the request for the annulment and enforcement of this article. Thus, the Kanal Istanbul project was moved to AYM. The General Assembly of the Constitutional Court will convene on 24-25 December 2019.

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