İmamoğlu's Visit to Akşener Channel İstanbul

imamoglundan aksenere channel visit to istanbul
imamoglundan aksenere channel visit to istanbul

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, together with his wife Dilek İmamoğlu and daughter Beren, visited GOOD Party Chairman Meral Aksener at his home in Üsküdar. Imamoglu, the meeting lasted about an hour, Channel Istanbul, with technical data, why they objected to Aksen told.

Imamoglu made a statement about the visit to the journalists at the exit. I shared with them the technical data we obtained about the Kanal Istanbul process with their main headings. ” Imamoglu said,, If Mr. President invites us, I will go running. I would like to share our data with the President with pleasure ”. Akşener said, orum I thank the President. They honored our house. We exchanged views. ” Akşener condemned the attack on Press Advisor Murat İde and said, orum I invite the Minister of Internal Affairs to do his duty..

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, Bosnia and Herzegovina return with his wife Dilek Imamoglu and daughter Beren, visited the President of the GOOD Party Meral Aksener in his home in Uskudar. During the visit, GOOD Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Bugra Kavuncu and IMM President Murat Ongun were also present. Imamoglu, about an hour-long meeting, why they are against the channel Istanbul with scientific and technical data told Aksen.

Aksener and Imamoglu then made a statement about the visit by passing the cameras. Ekrem İmamoğlu, who made the first statement, thanked Meral Akşener, the Chairman of the GOOD Party.


Mr. İmamoğlu thanked Meral Akşener, the party leader of the party, for his support to the appeal process with a petition to Kanal İstanbul. Already they were working in the party themselves. We were sharing the processes with GOOD Party Istanbul Province President Bugra Kavuncu. So it was a very fruitful conversation. I would like to thank you very much for opening the door to your house..


A journalist said, mi Will your tours on Kanal Istanbul continue? In particular, 'I want to meet with the President, I can convince' you said. Do you receive a light, an invitation like that? İm İmamoğlu answered the question as follows:

“Actually it should be. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; The person who feels the trouble of 16 million people. We are currently conducting scientific studies. Likewise, the GOOD Party is involved in this process and conducts scientific studies. They have their own workshops in January, we will have them. I would like to share our data with the President. I've been asking them for an appointment since July. I would like to talk about the earthquake problem of Istanbul and the refugee problem. What if I told them what I found wrong about Kanal Istanbul. Is that wrong? That's right! This is our expectation. I'il insist. If Mr. President invites us, we will go running. We explain the process. We describe the problems we see and the threats we see about Istanbul. That's clear. I think that's how the country's hierarchy works. This is our expectation. ”


Imamoglu, yesterday introduced the following comment about the domestic car also found:

Iz We applaud everything that science and reason are. We'il be happy. I hope our country will become an indigenous vehicle. This is a beginning. What happens; He takes metropolitan vehicles from there. In other words, we stand by every enterprise that has added value to the country where science, mind, production are present. This country is struggling with unemployment and economy. In other words, we are a country that has to increase the bread of our country and increase its production. In this context, of course, we applaud this initiative. I hope it all arrives as soon as possible. ”


Akşener said in his statement: de I would like to thank the President, but I thank Dilek Hanım and Beren the most. They honored our house. We exchanged views. Thank you very much for your kindness, president. Land


Meral Akşener also answered the questions of journalists about the assault of Press Counselor Murat İde at noon: ister I would like to draw attention of Mr. Soylu. He describes Turkey's most successful for a long time as interior minister. But there was no time during the interior ministry that unbeaten people and beatings were not acquitted. You know, the same thing happened in front of my house. This house was raided, they were acquitted. Therefore, I would like to invite the Minister of the Interior to perform the duties of law and the judiciary to act objectively. Turkey can not carry this kind of thing. I also spoke with Murat İde. She's fine. But the same thing could happen to you tomorrow. I strongly condemn. ”

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