IETT Vehicles Ready for Winter

iett tools ready short
iett tools ready short

A total of 6 thousand 154 vehicles connected to IETT were fitted with winter tires that comply with the regulations. The sprinklers were checked and antifreezes were added to the wiper water. Heating systems in vehicles were overhauled. The wicks and seals in the collapsible systems were checked one by one… IETT vehicles are now ready for winter.

With the start of the winter season in December, the requirement for snow tires in commercial vehicles began. İETT, Bus Inc. and 6 thousand 154 vehicles connected to the Private Public Bus Enterprises were prepared for winter. The measures to be taken against possible snowfall are carried out in coordination with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and AKOM. AKOM bouts to respond to evolving instant problems continues with 7 hours authorized personnel on 24 days.

Which districts and neighborhoods experienced problems in the past years, lines, routes, streets and streets that may be affected by snowfall were determined. For these points where the salting priority was determined, the delivery of salt bags to the platforms was started. 


In the case of a meteorological snow warning, it was planned that the specially appointed snow watchers would start working at 03.00 at night. These observers will work with AKOM to identify places where urgent salting is needed before buses depart, and to avoid possible downtime.

Metrobus line with plenty of ups and downs to prevent the negative effects of snow was also taken measures. Within this scope, snow plow apparatus will be installed in 3 emergency response vehicles. The works to be carried out with 21 snow plow and 3 solution vehicle on Metrobus route will be carried out by İBB Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate and İETT. Salt reinforcement stations were created at the 44 point along the 7 stalled Metrobus line. In order to prevent the passengers from being affected by ice in the overpasses and underpasses, salt bags were shipped to Metrobus stations to be used when necessary.

In addition, additional flights were planned by the Fleet Management Center in order to meet the travel demands of the main arteries which could increase in the intensive winter conditions.


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