SCT Discount on Scrap Vehicles Ends on December 31, 2019

otv discount on scrap vehicles expires in range
otv discount on scrap vehicles expires in range

📩 27/04/2021 16:54

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) deduction ends at the end of the year for the collection of scrap vehicles which are produced with old technology, completing their economic life, especially environmental pollution, and becoming disadvantageous in fuel saving.

Starting from July 27, 2017, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started collecting scrap vehicles in the capital, Etimesgut Scrap Collection Center.


In order to contribute to the economy, the taxpayers who deliver the end-of-life scrap vehicles in the M1 and N1 categories can benefit from the SCT discount when they purchase new vehicles.

Regulation, 16 years and older vehicles scrapped by separating, zero vehicle buyer rates ranging from 3-10 thousand TL SCT discount provides. The deadline for the SCT discount is 31 December 2019.


Citizens first scrutinized by applying to the notary to take the document that the vehicle can benefit from the provision of the substance, the engine and chassis numbers have to coincide with the declaration.

After receiving the documents from the notary public, the vehicle owners must apply to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department and complete the petition.

Scrap vehicles collected at the Metropolitan Municipality Etimesgut Scrap Collection Center are delivered to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Authority for recycling.

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