Great Opportunity E-Bike Bicycle Industry in Turkey

greater opportunities to bike in the bicycle industry turkey
greater opportunities to bike in the bicycle industry turkey

Turkey faces a great opportunity in the bicycle industry: e-bikes. Demand for the e-bike, also known as the “pedal-powered electric bike ada in the world, is growing rapidly. Turkey why e-bikes are becoming one of the main suppliers in the European countries? At the Turkishtime-Bicycle Industry Association (BISED) Joint Mind Meeting, the things to be done to achieve this goal were discussed and priority tasks were determined.

Moderated by Prof.Dr. Dr. Emre Alkin's meeting with BİSED President and Arzu Bisiklet Chairman Esat Emniyet, Accell Bicycle General Manager Hilmi Anıl Şakrak, CYCLEUROPE Chairman Önder Şenkol, Salcano Board Member Bayram Akgül, BİSAN Deputy General Manager Ümit Onur Yüksel, Shimano Bicycle A .S. Partner and General Manager Metin Cengiz, Shimano Bisiklet A.Ş OEM Sales Manager Faruk Cengiz, Accell Bicycle Deputy General Manager Selim Ataz, Ümit Bisiklet Export Manager Büşra Hande Doğanay, Kron Bisiklet A.Ş. General Coordinator Burak Staircase, Asli Bicycle Marketing Master Servet Emniyet, Güler Dynamic Chairman of the Board Kenan Güler and Turkishtime Chairman Filiz Özkan attended the meeting.

greater opportunities to bike in the bicycle industry turkey
greater opportunities to bike in the bicycle industry turkey

“Great Opportunity Var

European Union within the boundaries of respondents indicating that is estimated to be approximately 10-12 million e-bike market, xnumx'l year in noting this figure will increase to 2030 million units Turkey's e-bike they stressed would be one of the main suppliers of European countries.

Until January 2019, China had the largest share in the European market. But 18 On January 2019, the European Commission announced that a pedal-assisted electric bicycle anti-dumping tax was imposed from China. Although the anti-dumping tax rate varies according to the firms, the 33,4 percentage, which is generally applied, has completely blocked the sale of pedal-supported electric bicycles from China to the EU.

According to the work of the European Bicycle Industry Association (EBMA), 2019 million e-bikes would be exported from China to the EU in 1 if this anti-dumping application had not started. Again, according to a survey by the ebma, the inactivation of the market in China is among the countries that will benefit most from this situation come to Turkey.



The sub-industry of the bicycle sector has not been formed. But cycling is not a new sector in Turkey. There are companies that have been doing this for 50 years. However, there are no domestic suppliers. Therefore, the sector does not have sufficient flexibility. This also applies to e-bikes. Steps for the formation of the sub-industry should be taken as soon as possible.


There is a need for a cluster of e-bikes to solve the sub-industry issue. Ensuring such a cluster would be very useful in relation to public relations, lowering costs, productivity, competitiveness and human resources. Such a cluster also positively affects government incentives. It is necessary to act fast to evaluate the window of opportunity on the e-bike. Turkey's opponents in the case of Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, steps have been taken already in Hungary.

Battery and Motor

The critical parts of the e-bike are the battery and the engine. The industry should focus on the production of batteries and electric motors that make up 70-80 percentages rather than low-cost parts on e-bikes. Or at least one of these two products manufactured in Turkey in the sector brings a very advantageous position.

Accredited Laboratory

Another important requirement is the establishment of an accredited test laboratory to serve the entire sector. There is a great need for a test center with ISO 9000, laboratory certification and related accreditation. An accredited and autonomous laboratory can be established within BISED. This test must be taken for each model before exporting. The testing process is not such a long and costly laboratory in Turkey is more than usual. This negatively affects the competitiveness of the sector.

Foreign Capital

Foreign investors are coming to Turkey should be ensured. For this, a value proposition should be presented to potential foreign investors. In order to attract foreign capital, it is also beneficial to increase the popularity of “Made in Turkey” perception in Europe in bicycle production.

Government Supports

Government subsidies are essential for solving the fundamental problems of the sector. In particular, support for the establishment of a test laboratory is critical. The state is currently giving this support to brands. Why shouldn't the bicycle industry benefit from these supports when contract manufacturing? Support for bicycle purchases should also be considered. In Europe there are currently support for the cycling industry in three countries. In Sweden, for example, the purchase of e-bikes is provided with reimbursement support up to 1.000 Euros. In Austria there is also the 300-500 Euro government support for regular cargo and e-cargo bicycles.

Human Resources

One of the most important problems of the bicycle sector is the lack of human resources. Both the engineers and technicians have a large human resource deficit. The sector should start working to raise its own human resources.

The Problem of Stairs

There are still pre-paid or low-post sellers in the sector. This is one of the structural problems. Ladder production may be an important problem for domestic producers in foreign trade. There is a strong need for state supervision.

Cooperation with Automotive

Strong cooperation with the automotive sector, particularly R & D, can be established. It is known that automotive companies are open to alternative investment areas. Investments required by the bicycle sector, which require strong corporate structure and financing, can be realized in cooperation with automotive companies.

Be fast

The EU must take electric assisted bicycle from Turkey, fast, flexible, and to be competitive. This requires quality standards. The e-bike doesn't just say, 'I took a bike and installed a motor and battery.' It is necessary to take into account issues such as the certification of the vehicle produced and the life span of the batteries.

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