Lakes Express Train Schedules Attract Great Interest from Citizens

goals express train service sees great interest from citizens
goals express train service sees great interest from citizens

Lakes Express Train Services Attract Great Interest from Citizens; TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. 7. Regional Manager Murat Selet and Passenger Manager Mustafa Çelik, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. 3. Region Manager Habil Emir and Passenger Manager M. Ali Kutlu and Isparta Train Station Manager Hüseyin Uçar visited Isparta Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen in his office.

There was an exchange of views between Isparta and Izmir between the Lakes Express, which started on October 25th, on the passenger capacities, flight times. In the meeting, where mutual consultations were held, the planning of expedition times in the coming days was discussed.

Stating that the Isparta-İzmir Lake Express train services, which started on 25 October, were welcomed and used by the citizens, President Şükrü Başdeğirmen said, “Train services were welcomed and started to attract good attention. It was very important for us to support the train services of our city to the tourism sector and to benefit our students and citizens. The fact that our minister withdrew the prices in line with our wishes during his visits made us and our citizens very pleased. This satisfaction continues. This train meets the needs of many citizens who go to Izmir. There have been changes in the departure and arrival times of the flights in recent days. We shared the positive and negative opinions of our citizens with our valuable managers today. We explained our ideas on this subject. As soon as possible, we conveyed our requests so that our people in Isparta and our citizens traveling on the Izmir line can make the most of it. These consultations with you were very important to us. I hope to share the good news from you with our citizens as soon as possible. I would like to thank you very much for your interest and interest in the eyes of our minister and general manager. ”

The Göller Express, which operates on the Isparta- İzmir (Basmane) line each day, consists of sets with 262 wagons with 4 passenger capacity.

Lakes Express Stations

TCDD Lakes Express Train, Torbali, Selcuk, Ortaklar, Aydin, Nazilli, Goncali, Denizli, Dinar, Gumusgun, in total 30 at the stop passengers to download and put.

  1. Izmir (Basmane) Turkey
  2. Adnan Menderes Airport
  3. Torbalı
  4. Tepeköy
  5. Selçuk
  6. Pine grove
  7. Partners
  8. Germencik
  9. İncirliova
  10. AYDIN
  11. Mansion
  12. Sultanhisar
  13. Atca
  14. Nazilli
  15. kuyucak
  16. Horsunlu
  17. Buharkent
  18. Saraykoy
  19. Goncalı
  21. Kaklik
  22. Bozkurt
  23. Pergola
  24. Dazkırı
  25. Dinar
  26. Karakuyu
  27. Keçiborlu
  28. Gümüşgün (Bus) - BURDUR (Bus)
  29. Bozanönü

Map of Lakes Express

Lakes Express Ticket Prices

The price of the trip from İzmir (Basmane) to Isparta with Lakes Express is per person 50 tbsp.

Lakes Express Expedition Times

Izmir Isparta Lakes Express Timetable

Every day at 22: departs from 30 at Izmir Basmane Train Station

Station Name Stance
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM22:30
Adnanmenderes Airport 1 PM22:55
Torbalı 2 PM23:24
Tepeköy 2 PM23:30
Selçuk 1 PM23:58
Pine grove 1 PM00:12
Partners 2 PM00:34
Germencik 1 PM00:45
Enlightened 2 PM01:07
Mansion 1 PM01:27
Sultanhisar 1 PM01:38
Atca 1 PM01:44
Nazilli 2 PM01:56
kuyucak 1 PM02:07
Horsunlu 1 PM02:19
Buharkent 5 PM02:35
Saraykoy 1 PM02:50
Goncalı 1 PM03:07
Denizli 15 PM03:33
Kaklik 1 PM04:15
Bozkurt 2 PM04:33
Pergola 1 PM04:41
Dazkırı 1 PM04:59
Dinar 2 PM05:42
Karakuyu 1 PM05:59
Keçiborlu 1 PM06:20
the Gümüşgün 2 PM06:32
Bozanönü 1 PM06:49

Isparta Izmir Lakes Express Timetable

Isparta Train Station departs every day at 22: 00.

Station Stance
Bozanönü 1 PM22:13
the Gümüşgün 2 PM22:31
Keçiborlu 1 PM22:42
Karakuyu 2 PM23:05
Dinar 2 PM23:24
Dazkırı 2 PM00:06
Pergola 1 PM00:24
Bozkurt 1 PM00:31
Kaklik 2 PM00:49
Denizli 14 PM01:42
Mid-stop 1 PM01:54
Goncalı 1 PM01:56
Saraykoy 1 PM02:13
Buharkent 5 PM02:32
Horsunlu 1 PM02:44
kuyucak 2 PM02:56
Nazilli 2 PM03:08
Atca 2 PM03:20
Sultanhisar 1 PM03:26
Mansion 2 PM03:37
AYDIN 3 PM03:59
İncirliova 1 PM04:09
Germencik 1 PM4:21
Partners 2 PM04:33
Pine grove 1 PM04:52
Selçuk 1 PM05:06
Tepeköy 1 PM05:32
Torbalı 1 PM05:36
Adnanmenderes Airport 1 PM06:08
Gaziemir PM06:15
IZMIR (Basmane) PM06:33
goals express train times
İzmir (Basmane) Adnan Menderes Airport Torbalı Tepeköy Selçuk Çamlık Partners Germencik İncirliova AYDIN ​​Pavilion Sultanhisar Atça Nazilli Kuyucak Horsunlu Buharkent Sarayköy Goncalı DENİZLİ Kaklik Bozkurt Cardak Dazkiri Dinar Karakuyu Keciborlu Gumusgun (Bus) - BURDUR (Bus) Bozanonu ISP


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