General Directorate of Security Sociologist to Make

general Directorate of Security
general Directorate of Security

Within the framework of the Regulation on Personnel and Contracted Personnel Working Outside the Security Services Class of the General Directorate of Security, 657 personnel (Sociologists) will be recruited to the central and provincial organization to be assigned in different provinces under the Law No. 10 on Civil Servants. The quota and qualifications of the personnel to be recruited according to the results of the oral and / or practical examination to be conducted by the Examination Commission are given in ANNEX-1.

All notices and announcements to be made, is and will not be sent to the candidates separately.

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements at all stages will be canceled.

The procedures shall be recorded in the Personnel Information System by the Personnel Branch Directorate of the Provincial Security Directorate of the province in which the applicant is applied, and a copy of the “Application Form” will be signed and given to the candidate. Candidates who are eligible to take the oral and / or practical exam are required to bring this “Application Form ık they have signed. Candidates will be corrected and re-signed to the staff in case they see a failure in the Application Form. (The information in the application form will be the basis for the procedures to be performed and the applicant himself / herself will be responsible for the wrong information declared.)

Only the KPSS-P2018 score made in 3 will be taken as the central exam score.

The examination commission has the right to eliminate all candidates if the candidate does not find any candidate successful.

Candidates who are successful in the oral and / or practical exams and who are entitled to be appointed are required to work for at least 3 years in accordance with the Regulation on Staff and Contracted Personnel Working in the Organization outside the Safety Services Class in the unit where the appointments are made.

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