Gaziray is Underground… Work Has Started

gaziray underground works started
gaziray underground works started

Gaziray is being taken underground… Studies have started; Under the 5-kilometer line underground, which will pass through the Culture Congress Center-Zeytinli District, the Mujahideen-Budak District and the Hospitals-Hotels District, has started.

Gaziray, which was implemented for the solution of the transportation problem in Gaziantep, was approached to an end. Gaziray will breathe the transportation of the city, City Center, Small Industry (KÜSGET) and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone will connect each other. 1,5 billion TL budget, 25 kilometers long 16 station transportation network offering the project, 150 thousand industry employees will provide more comfortable, faster and cheaper transportation.


Gaziray Project, which is among the mega projects of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, has been completed 95 percent. In order to prevent the barrier effect of the line at the city crossing of the project, the tender for the 5 kilometer line underground was awarded to the tender. kazanThe contractor company started working at the moment. The upper part of the route will serve as a green area, bicycle path and highway. On this route, 4 stations will be built in metro standards. With the completion of the project, the number of passengers carried by Gaziantep by rail system will increase, and environmental, economical and safe transportation will be achieved. Fatma Şahin, who examined the Gaziray Suburban Line Project on site, received information from the authorities.


22 May 2014 On the protocol signed between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, construction of Gaziray Suburban Line project started at 13 February 2017.

Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan (GUAP) carried out within the framework of the work, the current railroad line passing through Gaziantep in areas of intensive use in the passage of the city does not allow circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, appeared to create a barrier effect in the region. On the route, the Cultural Convention Center-Zeytinli Neighborhood, Mujahideen Budak Neighborhood, Hospitals-Hotels Zone crossings in order to provide safe pedestrian and vehicle access and eliminate the barrier effect of the 4 parallel line will be placed under the 5 kilometers of open-close method.

Like this; barrier effect will be removed, an area of ​​approximately 200 thousand square meters will be removed from the city. kazanwill be raised. Within the scope of Gaziray tender; 11 works of art will be built. In Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan; Considering its suitability for the integration of different transportation modes in terms of its location in the station area, this area will be the transfer center. The land use structure will undergo major changes with the zoning plan decisions, and the region will become a focal point for urban transformation.

In the Gar district; Within the scope of the planned public transportation network; The integration of Gaziray and High Speed ​​lines, Metro Lines, Bus Platforms, Underground Parking and Taxi will be provided. The Main Transfer Center of the Train Station will aim to transport at least 2030 thousand 877 passengers per day in 540. 25 meter pedestrian crossing will be made within the scope of Gaziray tender of the Center.


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