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gaziantep university
gaziantep university

2547 faculty members will be recruited to the following departments and departments of the Rectorate of Gaziantep University, provided that the relevant articles of the Regulation on Appointment and Promotion of Law No. 657 and the provisions of Article 48 of the Civil Servants Law no.

The applications of candidates who apply to the announced positions are accepted by the Senate of our University and approved by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education and ( in accordance with the Directive on "Promotion and Assignment Criteria for Teaching Membership". Applications that do not comply with these criteria will not be accepted.

* Professor cadres are in permanent status; applicants must include 1 (one) set of files, including their professorship certificate, educational documents, identity card photocopy, curriculum vitae, declaration form and scoring form, and scientific studies and publications, which they will attach to their petitions indicating the main department and main research work; All the information and documents in the file in PDF format to 7 (seven) portable memory will transfer to the Rectorate Personnel Department will apply personally.

* Associate professors are in permanent status and the applicants are required to submit their petitions indicating the department applied for, photocopy of the identity card, educational documents, resume, declaration form and scoring form, and associate professorship certificate and 1 (one) set of files in physical environment; All the information and documents in the file will be transferred to 5 (five) portable memory in PDF format and will apply to the Rectorate Personnel Department personally. Among the applicants to the positions of associate professors, the candidates who received the title of associate professorship without being subjected to oral examination by the Interuniversity Board; they will be subjected to an oral examination by the jury members to be formed by the Interuniversity Board in accordance with the request of our University. The applicants who have not passed this exam will be declared invalid.

* Candidates for doctoral faculty members; a copy of the identity card, resume, declaration form and scoring form, foreign language certificate, certified copy of the education documents, as well as 1 (one) set of files including scientific studies and publications; and transfer all the information and documents in the file to 5 (five) portable memory in PDF format and apply personally to the unit where the staff is announced. Candidates who apply to the faculty members of the doctor are required to take the 20 (twenty) minute lecture exam to be held in the language of the program.

The files of the candidates who apply to the professors, associate professors and doctoral faculty members will be evaluated by the Academic Application Review Commission (ABİK) established by the Rectorate in the Directive on Promotion and Appointment Criteria for the Faculty. Candidates will be able to apply to only one of the vacant positions and document all of the issues stated in the announcement conditions.

Article 2547 of the Law no. 38 shall not apply.

APPLICATION DATES: 19.12.2019 January - 06.01.2020 July XNUMX

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