ESHOT Solar Power Plant Capacity Will Rise to 5 Megavata

eshot solar power plant capacity will increase to megawatts
eshot solar power plant capacity will increase to megawatts

In public urban transport by introducing 20 electric bus ESHOT assign a first in Turkey, an important part of the energy from the Solar Energy Plant (GES) provides.

The 1,38 Megawatt (MW) roof type GES capacity at ESHOT's Buca-Gediz campus will increase to 5 Megavata with the GESs to be built in Çiğli and Adatepe campuses.

The Energy Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ENSIA) Board of Directors visited Erhan Bey, who was appointed to the General Directorate of ESHOT in September, in his office and wished success.


ESHOT Deputy General Manager of Fate Sertpoyraz Speaking during a visit also takes place Ensier Chairman Huseyin Patriots, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in many years, Deputy Secretary General who served as Bey, the organization's most important architects of the entire financial success is an example to Turkey that it reminded.
Stating that Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, appointed Erhan Bey as the head of a well-established institution such as ESHOT, is a remarkable example of the importance he attaches to merit. We give full support to GES investments. We are ready to contribute to ESHOT's renewable energy projects without waiting for any response karşılık.


Erhan Bey, General Manager of ESHOT, said that they would be happy to work together with non-governmental organizations in projects that will add value to the city. In 2020, Mr. informed that they will add one hundred buses to the ESHOT fleet, including 20 electric, and stated that they will realize many more environmentally friendly investments.
Mr. Erhan reminded that ESHOT's current GES project in Gediz generated annual 2,2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and saved 1,6 million TL.

“We serve in 536 district of Izmir by a thousand 30 buses. Cigli and Buca Adatepe facilities are continuing to establish two separate GES. Together with these power plants, each of which has an installed capacity of 1 MW, we will generate approximately 3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. Our goal is to increase our capacity to 5 MW. When we complete all these investments, we will get 62% of our total electricity consumption from the sun. ”


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