ESHOT Fleet 15 New Domestic Production Buses

eshot fleet new domestic production bus
eshot fleet new domestic production bus

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 15 new buses of domestic goods included in the public transport network. President Tunç Soyer said that the new vehicles were assigned to the required lines in line with the demands of the citizens and the muhtars.

Under the management of ESHOT General Directorate, 1600 new buses were added to the public transportation service provided by 15 buses per day. Speaking at the ceremony held in Alsancak Gündoğdu Square, İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “ESHOT General Directorate has made the assignment of new vehicles in line with the demands made by our citizens and the promises made to our mukhtars. We will continue to renew our bus fleet and reduce the average age. In 2020, we will add 20 new buses, 100 of which are electric, to our fleet. ”

Soyer also stated that they aim to buy 2024 electric buses by 400 in accordance with the Strategic Plan of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and continued: “Currently, 20 of our electric buses are serving our citizens. Thanks to the solar power plant we have implemented on the roofs of ESHOT Gediz Garage, the charging cost of these vehicles to our municipality is zero. ESHOT is implementing two new power plant projects soon to meet the energy needs of new electric vehicles. ”

Emphasis on domestic production

Stressing that they plan qualified, technological, environmentally friendly, comfortable and disabled-friendly public transportation as a whole, Mayor Soyer concluded his words as follows: en While we are signing new investments in all our transportation elements, we aim to ensure that all of them work in harmony with each other and complement each other. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to creating alternative public transportation facilities, providing easy access to everywhere, not exhausting our citizens, wasting time and making their lives easier; we work for it ”.

At the end of the ceremony, the representatives of Otokar, the manufacturer of buses, thanked İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer with a plaque and a model for preferring domestic production vehicles. Then the new tools were put into service by cutting the ribbon.

Mayor Abdül Batur, Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı, Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz and Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar also attended the ceremony.

Domestic buses put into service have lower operating costs due to low fuel consumption and high maintenance interval. It is state-of-the-art and provides a high level of comfort. In compliance with Euro 6 emission criteria, voice and visual warning systems and easily opened ramp, disabled-friendly, air-conditioned, low-floor, camera, can be integrated into the fleet tracking system, mobile phone charging facilities are also available.

ESHOT General Directorate technical staff, especially in new vehicles, primarily on the university bus lines in the vehicle to provide free internet service in the car continues to work.

The systems and services included in ESHOT's Strategic Plan 2020 are implemented with these tools. ESHOT General Directorate within the service of the buses, 340 lines every day, 25 thousand flights and 356 thousand kilometers of roads. 1 million 100 thousand passengers are transported daily.


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