Erdogan Gives Date for Channel Istanbul Tender

erdogan gave the date for the channel istanbul tender
erdogan gave the date for the channel istanbul tender

Erdoğan Gave History for Channel Istanbul Tender; President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech at the Service Exporters Meeting and 2018 HIB Award Ceremony held in Istanbul Congress Center, said: nasıl If there is Suez in the world, if there is Gibraltar, we will have Channel Istanbul. ”

President Erdogan, Turkey for years to distract those who suffered defeat, this time voicing their own internal strife, said:

Rağmen Although they tried every way, they could not stop this happy walk, I hope they will not. Inside, outside. Especially now the head of the main opposition in person. We say 'Channel Istanbul', and it turns out he says, 'You can't.' Either we do it. Whatever you do, we will do it. On the one hand, it threatens contractors. 'No matter which contractor gets involved, he won't be able to get his money - we're coming, when we're coming.' says. Once a person who is unaware of what the state is. What do you mean? You're not going to come, it's a separate matter. Continuity is essential in the states, and a contractor has entered into this business and made his contract. I would like to recall that because he says so, I would like to remind all of our contractors, our international contractors, see what kind of politician there is in this country. This is also at the beginning of the main opposition. I hope we are doing the tender in the coming weeks here and we start Channel Istanbul. This work is not a week, 1 month, 1 year, but a step towards the end of my mayor's office. We will implement this step. As Suez in the world, Gibraltar, Channel Istanbul will be ours. ”

Channel Istanbul's environmentally friendly features, as well as stating that Erdogan will gain rights to Turkey, Selimiye front of the tanker burned for more than seven months, he told us not to do anything.

Erdogan, many times in the Bosphorus dry cargo ships, tankers expressed how many times the mans, said: dile At any time this is a danger and the threat of the environment. With Canal Istanbul, these threats will come to an almost nonexistent level and will have a serious return to our country. All of these studies have been made and the descent from the Black Sea to Marmara here in a different feature and environmental beauty of the environmental beauty of this channel, I hope that our Istanbul will. ”He said.


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