Erciyes University will recruit academic staff

erciyes university will recruit academic staff
erciyes university will recruit academic staff

Erciyes University will recruit academic staff; Within the framework of the relevant provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding Central Examinations and Entrance Examinations to be applied to the appointments to the academic staff other than the faculty members of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 to the Rectorate of Erciyes University, the akademik 2547 research assistant will be recruited to the staff. It is advertised.

Date Posted: 16 / 12 / 2019
Application Deadline: 30 / 12 / 2019
Pre-Evaluation Date: 06 / 01 / 2020
Exam Entry Date: 13 / 01 / 2020
Results Disclosure Date: 20 / 01 / 2020


1- To carry the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Law No. 48 in appointments to be made to the academic staff,

a) To get at least 70 points from ALES in all kinds of appointments made to the academic staff other than the faculty member.
(In applications for research assistants, the candidate should take the ALES score type in the field of bachelor's degree, or the department / department / program announced in the field, or the ALES score type in that field, programs with special talent and student with foreign language score. Graduates of any ALES score type)

b) To have received at least 50 points from the central foreign language exam accepted by the Council of Higher Education or equivalent score from an exam whose equivalence is accepted.

2- The equivalence of the grading systems to the 100 grading system to be used in the calculation of the undergraduate graduation grade in the pre-assessment and evaluation stages is determined by the decision of Higher Education Council.

3- The equivalence of diplomas from foreign countries must be approved.

4- This announcement will be made within the scope of Araştırma Research Assistant Staff in Priority Areas olup and will be made in accordance with Eğitim Procedures and Principles Regarding Graduate Education of Those Assigned to Research Assistant Staff in Priority Areas Diğer.

5- Research Assistants will be appointed in accordance with paragraph (d) of Article 2547 of the Law No. 50.

6- Research assistants are required to be a graduate, doctorate or proficiency in arts student. Applicants must not exceed the maximum period of study (graduate).

-With the students who have completed the maximum period of study defined in the Regulation on Graduate Education published in the Official Gazette on 06.02.2013, but whose maximum periods have been re-started since the fall semester of 2016-2017 education

- Research assistants who have been dismissed from the staff due to the expiry of their maximum education period from the date of 20.04.2016, which was published in the Graduate Education Regulation until the fall of 2017 Fall semester, cannot apply to the research assistant staff due to the resumption of the maximum education period in 2016 fall semester.

-The students who study doctorate must be a doctoral student who has not passed the doctoral thesis.

7-Applicants may apply to only one announced staff.

NOTE: Experience period shall be based on the period after the graduation.

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