ENKA to Build Highway in Serbia with Partner Bechtel

bechtel enka uk will build highway in serbia
bechtel enka uk will build highway in serbia

ENKA, together with its joint venture partner Bechtel, was selected by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to undertake the design and construction of the 10 kilometer Morava Corridor Motorway Project, which will connect Central Serbia with the Pan-European Corridors 11 and 112.

The Morava Corridor Motorway Project is designed with 1 km / h design starting from Pojate and A130 (North-South motorway in Central Serbia), passing through Kruševac (former industrial center of Yugoslavia) to Preljina in the north of čačak. 112 is a kilometer highway with a split speed.

The project will extend in the East-West direction in the West Morava River valley and is seen as a provider of new economic corridors to the industrial city of Kruševac and international connections with Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Under the terms and conditions of the signed contract, construction of the motorway will begin in the early months of 2020 and will be completed in a total 2.5 year of construction, each part being less than 4 years.

A comprehensive telecommunications network is planned along the highway route to improve accessibility in the region and to provide a Digital Corridor. Within the scope of the project, 10 new intersection, numerous structures intersecting highways, railways and Morava River along the route, extensive erosion protection works due to large floodplain of West Morava River, flood protection measures, long river diversions, embankments and a new The construction of the riverbed will take place.

In addition, 78 bridge, 24 overpass, 12 underpass, 20 million m3 excavation work, 17 million m3 concrete, 490.000 million m3 subbase, 1.7 million tons of asphalt and 3 km long railing.

ENKA and its joint venture partner Bechtel, since the year xnumx'l Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Turkey and successfully undertook major infrastructure projects in the region, including the major motorways in Romania. Thanks to this partnership, the 1990 kilometer highway was built from a bar of important engineering structures such as tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

ENKA will realize this important infrastructure project thanks to its superior engineering, construction and manufacturing know-how gained over its 60 history, as well as its superior quality, environment, health and safety standards.



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