Ekrem İmamoğlu Kanal Istanbul Said It Is a Project of Profit

ekrem imamoglu said channel istanbul is a rent project
ekrem imamoglu said channel istanbul is a rent project

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu at the "Local Administrations and Tourism Summit", IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu The summit exit was uploaded to "Kanal Istanbul", which they described as "a profiteering project", in front of the cameras. Kılıçdaroğlu said, "As if betrayal is not enough, it is being tried to multiply the betrayal," and said, "How? 'We will open a canal in Istanbul from the Black Sea, we will build Canal Istanbul.' What will you do? The engineer, the environmentalist says 'No', everyone says 'No', but one person says, 'I will do it. I will bring the Black Sea together with the Marmara," he says. According to what, which mind, which logic, which feasibility, which money, how will he do it? He says 'I will do it'. You can't do it bro." Journalists also asked İmamoğlu about Kanal Istanbul at the summit exit. İmamoğlu said, “I was the mayor for 5 years, it is just 10 kilometers west of where Kanal Istanbul will pass. There is such a process. Can you watch the discussion now? 'Why are you against it? And what will you defend?' We at least investigated what we were against. We know the reports in the hands of the metropolitan. We know how bad a project it is. For God's sake, someone please tell me about his kindness."

Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, CHP Provincial Chairman Canan Kaftancıoğlu and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu participated in the “Local Administrations and Tourism Summit” held in a hotel in Maslak with Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç, as the “host”, made the first speech at the summit. After Genç, CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun and CHP Antalya MP Çetin Osman Budak each made speeches. Kılıçdaroğlu, who made the opening speech of the Summit, stated that 90 percent of the tourists visiting Turkey come to the places where the CHP municipalities are located. they are in search of it. We will never complain. We will continue to serve this country by overcoming all kinds of obstacles. We have mayors who solve the problem, not complain.


Noting that urban aesthetics appeals to the soul of man, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “The most typical example of this is Istanbul. If a political understanding that has ruled Istanbul for many years, then turned back and said in an internal show, 'We have betrayed Istanbul and we continue to betray it,' we all need to think about. Istanbul Is this just betrayed, or betrayal of Turkey's historical and cultural sturdy? Consider Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia and the concrete forest behind it. We understand how valuable the concept we call urban aesthetics when we see that painting, ”he said. Emphasizing the need to protect the history, identity and culture of Istanbul, Kılıçdaroğlu brought the word to Kanal Istanbul and said:


“As if betrayal is not enough, the betrayal is tried to be made. How? 'We will open a channel to Istanbul from the Black Sea, we will make Kanal Istanbul.' According to what will you do? The engineer, environmentalist says' No ', everyone says' No', but one person says' I will. I will meet the Black Sea with Marmara '. says. According to what, which mind, which logic, which feasibility, which money, how will it do? "I will," he says. You can't do it, brother. You will not be able to do it anyway, you will go already, you will go in the first choice. No one should try to allocate money here, no one should try to allocate 5 kurus. Even the penny of the money they allocate will not be given. Didn't they get enough betrayal to Istanbul? Can a history and culture be viewed as rent? Can a history be destroyed through a culture rent? Can a history be transformed into a culture concrete forest? You have not even left a tree or a square in a place where there is a history or a culture? ”


Kılıçdaroğlu'nun then the panel section of the summit was passed. Former Tourism Minister Bahattin that Yücel moderator, "Development of Cities and Tourism" in the panel, along with İmamoğlu Eskişehir Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Muğla Mayor Osman Gurun, Turkey Hoteliers Federation President Osman sober and TÜRSAB board member Nalan Yesilyurt joined . The participants shared their knowledge, opinions, problems and solution suggestions about the cities and organizations they manage with the participants. Imamoglu, who left the panel early due to his busy schedule, was in front of the cameras at the hotel where the summit was held.

IMAMOGLU: İ We will review the DSI Report ”

Imamoglu said, sizin In addition to the EIA report on Kanal Istanbul, what is included in the report you submit and the claim that a report prepared by DSI when Kanal Istanbul first came to the agenda was undercover and not added to the EIA report. Do you have any information about this report?. İmamoğlu answered this question:

Im I have already told the press that DSI has already given a negative report at its last meeting. Even as IBB, I said that Kanal Istanbul is a completely technically wrong project and DSI is another institution that says this wrong project is wrong. I also thanked DSI for implementing a truly consistent, technical policy. I have received some information about the details of the extracted file. That such a file was put under the desk there, almost one of the three Istanbulites was in a detail about the danger of dehydration. But we're working on getting a full report and reviewing it. We will also inform you about this, but at the end of the day we look at: There is a project or not; I am not sure. Because, when you look at it, the only thing known in the Kanal Istanbul project, which is offered and served to Istanbul, is a steamer or a freighter shown in a 3D work on the way to the middle of the canal. Anyway. Sir, what? 'This channel will work in Istanbul that'. What will it do? 'Tankers or those who are in danger from the Bosphorus will not pass'. There is a system carried out entirely on this argument, but when presented on television, 'Look what a beautiful project,' what you see when you show the hand? There are 3, 40, 50 floors of huge skyscrapers. Where? Left and right of the channel. Behold the danger tankers do not pass there, let it pass here 'at the point you say there, which is also in the reports that the population of 60 million 1 thousand will soon settle in an urbanization. So it's actually an additional population to this city again. Again this city is called 200 million 1 thousand and it finds 200 million, imposing a very bad model of urbanization. Or a rent project in Turkish of the day. ”


“So what are the weaknesses? Istanbul's water is in danger. Istanbul's sea is in danger. The beautiful Marmara Sea, which is the only inland sea model in the world, is in danger. Living species are in danger. In the beautiful geography of Istanbul, 135 percent of the agricultural lands of the city, which is close to 15 million square meters, are wasted. We are not talking about them. We are trying to open them up for discussion. Because since 2011, the press is here, the arguing friends are on TV; I'm asking: Which state official came out and told you about the channel Istanbul one by one. Its size, shape, scheme, technical infrastructure… 'Those scientists have their signature under it!' If there is a document, I will be relieved if someone shows it; I do not know. I have not seen or heard an environment to listen to the technical explanation of this project, which I have been following for 8 years. I have not seen or heard a public forum. He invited the relevant units of the state and said, 'Look, there is a Kanal Istanbul project here. Let's get your opinion, 'I have not seen or heard what they say. I served as mayor for 5 years, 10 kilometers west of where Kanal Istanbul will pass. There is such a process. Can you look at the discussion now? 'Why are you against? What will you defend? ' We at least investigated what we were against. We know the reports held by the metropolitan. We know what a bad project it is. Someone explain his goodness, for God's sake. "


“It is a Montreux going. Anyone who is not a historian, jurist discusses and defends. We are talking about this, Mr. Minister made a statement yesterday. 'We'll hit the pickaxe soon'. Where is the idea of ​​16 million people? This concerns not only 16 million people but 82 million people. In this respect, DSI, despite everything, is happy to present a sound report due to its deep, technical, moral and culture, and says, 'We are against this in terms of water policies of Istanbul', it made me happy and pleased despite all the pressures. Aside that. As IMM, we examine our legal rights. This subject will be our explanation. Wait for Monday. Our technical explanations will follow. Hundreds of my friends are investigating this in the process. This is a vital issue. I said the sentence at the end of the 130-page research report everywhere. 15-16 scientists, in the report they signed under, 'Ya channel; says Istanbul. Show me what the scientist who is defending is defending. ”


“TEM highway, E-5 highway, the road to the newly constructed bridge or the North Marmara Highway, built yesterday, these new structures will be rebuilt. I'm a technical person. I'm a person who has achieved more individual work and made a project than those who say 'I will start, I will.' I know very well how the project, a building job, a construction industry will suffer there. I speak as a person who knows. So, I would like to say to those who make us look like 'Unwanted' or something: I have a character that can defend every smart project as much as it puts forward. But this is a very important task in the dilemma of either 'channel or Istanbul'. We will present this on every subject one by one in front of Istanbulites who have been spoken for 3 years but have no knowledge. Wait; We have a workshop in the first week of January. The guy rushes when I say that. 'Tomorrow we'll hit the pickaxe' says Mr. Minister. What's that dig? I worked with digging; I know the tobacco field, I know the field of nuts. If it's digging, he knows, it's simple. But it's not like digging. You don't call it a dozer tomorrow. This is Channel Istanbul. It's not that simple. 'Tomorrow we're going to dig!' What are you shooting? Is this a piece of cake? 8 million Istanbulites go and search for their rights. 16 million people from Istanbul. We continue to warn. ”


The second question asked to Imamoglu was, “There is a grave in Buyukada which has been discussed for 2 days and is said to have been opened for 81 horses. Adalar Governorate also made a statement and confirmed. Animal lovers allegedly smuggled horses into the islands. Do you have a study on this subject? Imamoglu, this question, “Yesterday, as soon as I received this information I wanted a report. I haven't received any information yet. In this respect, we are certainly the highest level of followers in terms of protecting the living and nature. The uncontrolled and undefined existed in the Islands for years; but transport but other matters; 90 percent will be dissolved in the first half of this year. We'il act faster on the carriage. We also follow the process you say ”.

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