Ekrem İmamoğlu: Kanal Istanbul Housing Project?

Ekrem İmamoğlu: Kanal Istanbul Housing Project?
Ekrem İmamoğlu: Kanal Istanbul Housing Project?

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, spoke at the “Marine Workshop” held on the 564th anniversary of the “Tersane-i Amire”. Expressing his views on the "Canal Istanbul" project, İmamoğlu said, "I have never been a mute devil in my life. We'll talk bro. No one can convince me bro. Science and reason will convince me. I will not go after anything where science and reason do not lie. Our nation will not go either," he said. İmamoğlu exemplified the rent connection of Kanal Istanbul with the following words: “Do you know what it was first? It was a 3 island project in Marmara. Three islands will be built in front of Bakırköy and Avcılar's Büyükçekmece with the excavations removed from there. Shall I say further? We have BİMTAŞ in our company. The projects were studied, villas were placed on those islands, the projects made with those villas were brought and promoted in European housing fairs and international housing fairs. What is it? We will sell villas on those islands for 3-2 million dollars. Look at the needs of Istanbul.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized “Naval Workshop“ on the 564 anniversary of “Tersane-i Amire kuruluş. City Lines Inc. All stakeholders of the sector participated in the workshop organized at Haliç Shipyard hosted by the General Directorate. The first speech was made by Şehir Hatları A.Ş. General Manager Sinem Dedetaş. After Dedetaş İmamoğlu took the microphone. Noting the importance of the Haliç Shipyard where the event was held, İmamoğlu said, “This is one of the works that Fatih Sultan Mehmet established after two years of victory that brought us ancient Istanbul. Once again, we commemorate him with gratitude. In other words, we are in the Haliç Shipyard where 564 is celebrating its anniversary. We are in the oldest shipyard in the world, one of the first structures of our Istanbul after the conquest. ”

“Bosphorus is one of the biggest blessings of the world”

In his speech, İmamoğlu gave examples from Istanbul's shipping history and emphasized that he expresses his gratitude to everyone who has worked in Haliç Shipyard so far. İmamoğlu said, “The result of the productions here; With the Hayriye ferries, his company reached a passenger transport capacity of over 18 million in the past. This figure shows that sea transportation has always been important in Istanbul, ”he said. Describing the Bosphorus as “one of the greatest blessings of the world”, İmamoğlu said, “The Bosphorus not only added natural and geographical beauty to our Istanbul, but also added great value with sea transportation. After the bridges were built, even when we came to 2000, sea transportation had a significant share in urban transportation, it was around 10 percent. Today, the rate is at a very low point like 4 percent. As a result, today, on average, only 800 thousand of our fellow townspeople prefer transportation by sea. I have to say that no progress has been made in this area for 25 years, on the contrary, there has been a decline. Now, we have set ourselves a target to reach 10 percent again, we are moving forward ”.


Determining that sea transportation is not used at a sufficient level in Istanbul, which has a serious traffic, İmamoğlu said, “On the one hand, Karaköy Tunnel, one of the first subways in the world, will come to life in this city; But on the other hand, we will still not be able to reach the metro network sufficient for a population of 16 million. Of course, negligence and wrong investments have a great effect on reaching this point. But most importantly, if people were prioritized rather than vehicles, we would be at a much more advanced level in public transport, ”he said. Saying, “Today, we are trying to establish a fast, reliable, comfortable, cheap and accessible public transportation system”, İmamoğlu said, “We believe that transportation projects should primarily be aimed at improving the conditions of the lowest income segments of the society. The way to achieve this is through public transport and the integration of the entire system with each other. Bus, metro, tramway and sea transportation have to be integrated in a wider framework. We have to fulfill all the necessary procedures to do these as soon as possible, ”he said.


Saying, “The issue of Kanal Istanbul should also be discussed,” İmamoğlu said, “I spoke a word in the Parliament. 'A citizen Ekrem İmamoğlu As a citizen with three children, I said to myself, 'I do not want Kanal Istanbul to be imposed, I reject it'. This is important. The subject we are talking about is one that will change Istanbul completely and move it to another place. Therefore, its efficiency and necessity should be discussed fully by the people of Istanbul. I have not seen the project, which was put forward as an election promise in 3, neither discussed nor publicly discussed. Look, this is imposition. I am a business person, my predictions are strong. I do not think it is 2011 billion, these investments are much more. We will hold the 'Canal Istanbul Workshop' in the first week of January. Every step you take in Istanbul should be remembered well. I think that the geography of Istanbul cannot afford such a change. "There are scientific reasons," he said.


İmamoğlu warned, “Even the disappearance of 135 million square meters of agricultural land alone is justified,” said Marmara's effect on the Black Sea… The situation of 8 million people living on an island… What? You connect with 8 300-350 meters long bridges. Why? It is said that; preventing the passage of ships carrying dangerous poisonous substances such as fuel as a result of the increase in ship traffic, technological developments and ship sizes. Do you look at the rationale? 90 percent are invalid. The number of ships passing through the Bosphorus is decreasing. With this excuse, shattering the geography of 10 thousand years with such a thing comes before us without reading the EIA report, a population of 1 million 150 thousand is being created around the channel. Behold tankers, ships? A new rent project? 1,5 billion earrings close to earthwork, 2 billion cubic meters according to the rooms. Number of ships crossing the strait in Istanbul, Turkey decreases. It talks about the tanker threat. It is obvious how important investments were made in oil pipelines. More different investments can be made. ”

“This place is a grace of God”

Noting that the 10 thousand-year-old beautiful geography is being shattered with the pretext of water, İmamoğlu said: “According to the EIA report, they come before us without reading. I'm not saying, the Ministry of Public and Urbanization says. A population of 1 million 150 thousand is created around the channel. You know that we say 1 million 150 thousand, it would be 2 million. You know well. What project is this then? Tankers, ships. So is this a new rent project? 1,5 billion cubic meters of excavation, what is 2 billion according to the rooms, will be filled in the Black Sea. I will show your projects in January. Do you know what that was first? It was a 3 island project in Marmara. With the excavation excavated there, 3 islands will be established in front of Bakırköy and Büyükçekmece in Avcılar. Shall I tell you further? We have BİMTAŞ in our company. The projects were studied, villas were placed on those islands, the projects made with those villas were brought and promoted at housing fairs in Europe and international housing fairs. What? We will sell villas on those islands for 2-3 million dollars. Look at the needs of Istanbul. Okay, someone could have done this in Dubai. Desert, desert! He can. This place is a blessing from God. Do not touch this, we do not touch it. There is no such thing. We are talking about people's happiness. I've never been a mute devil in my life. We will talk, brother. Science and reason will convince me. One cannot convince me, brother. Science and reason will convince me. I will not go after anything that science and reason do not convince. Our nation will not go either. Compliance with reason and science will not divert you from the right path. But if you follow a person, that person can take you anywhere. Human beings, I am included in this, including someone else. Therefore, this is not a political issue. It is not a matter of course, just because someone wanted it. It is not an issue that cannot be done just because someone did not want it. This is a matter of mind and science. "

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