EGİFED Board of Directors Evaluated 2019 Economy

egifed board of directors evaluated its economy
egifed board of directors evaluated its economy

Akhisar Young Businessmen Association (AKGİAD), Balıkesir Young Businessmen Association (BAGİAD), Bandırma Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Association (BANGGİAD), Ege Young Business People Association (EGİAD) The Aegean Region Federation of Young Businessmen Associations (EGİFED), which was formed by 6 business associations: Manisa Young Businessmen Association (MAGİAD) and Nazilli Young Businessmen Association (NAZGİAD). EGİAD hosted by.

EGIFED Chairman Aydın Buğra İlter said: açık At the EGİFED Board of Directors Meeting, we come together with many members from different cities operating in different sectors. The positive acceleration in growth since the third quarter of 2019 gives promising signals that growth will accelerate for 2020. On the other hand, the problem of collection and financing experienced in almost all sectors, especially SMEs, has caused serious economic congestions. The interest rate cuts, which were realized in order to revive the real sector and increase the investment, provided some recovery for the loans and created a positive atmosphere in terms of realization of collections. ”

Growth Based on Value Added Production, Not Consumption Based

This year, the Central Bank's successive interest rate cuts coincided with the period of the world's monetary expansion of the Turkish Lira to prevent serious losses, indicating that the EGIFED Chairman Ilter, “we witnessed the rapid decline in inflation in this conjuncture in our country. It is understood that we will close the 2019 or 11 percent band of inflation in 12 ”.

emphasis on economic growth prospects and unemployment Aydin Ilter Mr. Grant, "3 consecutive quarters of shrinking living in Turkey's economy in 2019 saw a 0,9 growth in the third quarter. Our hope is that our economic growth will accelerate in the coming period, with the decline in inflation and interest rates, the recovery in the credit market and the upward acceleration in the leading indicators such as the real sector and the Consumer Confidence Index. We hope that the upward acceleration of growth will have a positive impact on the high unemployment rate. The Medium Term Program aims to grow 5 percent next year. We think that achieving growth targets is critical in this sense, predicting that a growth below 5 percent can further increase unemployment. But of course, we would like to underline that we want to achieve growth based on value added production rather than growth based on private consumption and government spending, reminding that its components are important as well as the rate of growth. ”

Istihdam It is important to develop employment-enhancing policies in order to reduce unemployment, which is one of the most important economic and social problems of our country. In particular, it is important to reduce the youth unemployment rate, which is 26,1 percent. The high level of youth unemployment worries us as young representatives of the business world in socio-economic terms. ”

Tools for SMEs' Access to Finance

EGIFED President İlter underlined that the financing problems of our SMEs, which are the locomotives of our economy in the last period, have a serious negative impact on the economy, especially in collections. He said that the Bank will respond to the needs of financial lending as well as risk protection, extending the rigid approaches to credit coverage, expanding financial leasing, protecting SMEs against long-term receivables, increasing the facilities of Credit Guarantee Fund.

İlter stated that the interest rate cuts, which were realized in order to revive the real sector and increase the investment, created a positive atmosphere in terms of realization of collections by providing some recovery. but ensuring sustainable growth and economic development; He also underlined the need for structural and economic reforms and strengthening a rule-based economic system in order to shift to production and export-based economies as well as interest rate cuts.

Technology, Digitalization and Productivity Should Be Our Focus

Için In order to achieve development-oriented growth and to reduce the high unemployment rate, which is one of our most important problems, production investments should increase, especially investments in goods and services with high added value are necessary. There is a need for an economic model that is not based on consumption, but based on technology and digital transformation, with brand value, and based on the export of high value-added goods and services. İl

Sağlıklı The healthy and strong functioning of our economy depends on structural reforms and strengthening of its system. The establishment of a system based on the rule of law and education, contemporary and participatory democracy, freedom of opinion and expression, independence and autonomy of institutions and merit will strengthen the foundation of economic reforms. ”

“Today, production and industry are shaped within the framework of technology and digitalization. No matter what we do in this process, we must put our focus on production that will create high productivity and high added value growth.

We should increase production, not tax. When dealing with the informal economy, we have to spread the tax fairly. Without forgetting that the economy is built on trust, we need to concentrate on an industry-oriented, development-oriented economic model that focuses on the quality and sustainability of growth, improving the investment climate, improving employment areas. ”

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