Easy Transportation, Healthy Life with ANTBIS

easy transportation with antbis healthy life
easy transportation with antbis healthy life

Citizens are showing great interest in the Smart Bicycle System (ANTBIS), which is integrated into the urban transportation network of the Metropolitan Municipality. Increasing the number of active stations to 9, the system serves with 90 bicycles and 132 parking units. ANTBİS users who pay 1 TL for 1.5 hour enjoy both cheap and easy and healthy life.

ANBET, which is a subsidiary of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, continues to contribute to the transportation of Antalya within the city. In addition to the use of non-motorized vehicles in the city, ANTBİS encourages the citizens to live a healthy life. The number of subscribers of ANTBIS is increasing day by day. The system, which reaches a total of 27 subscribers, is expanding its transportation network with new stations. ANTBIS has reached 653 active stations, 9 bicycles and 90 parking units.


Cihat Şahin stated that they enjoyed the beach with the new ANTBİS stations added to Konyaaltı Beach. The prices are quite reasonable. The bikes were comfortable. The construction of new stations is pleasing. We would like to thank our Mayor Muhittin Böcek for our new stations. ”


Citizens who want to use ANTBIS can benefit from the system by creating a single-use password that can be obtained with ANTBİS mobile application, subscription card that can be obtained from ANTBİS subscriber center at the entrance of Karaalioğlu Park, by renting it via KİOSK device with credit card and by creating ANTBİS membership account from Kent Card. Citizens can send their questions and opinions about ANTBIS by calling 0242 247 67 54 or by sending an e-mail to antbis@anset.com.tr.


On the other hand, ANTBİS users pay 1 TL for 1,5 hour, 2 TL for 2,5 hours, 3 TL for 4,5 hours and 2 TL for each hour.


Boğaçayı Station (opposite Akdeniz Blv. Erdoğan Residences)

Konyaaltı Square Station (opposite Akdeniz Blv. Hilmi Kokoreç)

Olbia Station (Dumlupinar Blv. Olbia Square Area)

Variant Station (Beach Park entrance Konyaalti Beach Start)

Atatürk Park Station (Konyaaltı Cad. Next to Atatürk Park)

Closed Road Station (Milli Egemenlik Cad. Closed Road Entrance - In Front of Halk Bank)

Işıklar Station (Genclik Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Street Karaalioglu Park Entrance)

Sampi Interchange Station (Metin Kasapoğlu Cad. Beytaş Sit. Front of ABC Blocks)

Düden Park Station (Çağlayan Mah. Shelters Blv. Düden Park Entrance - In front of Fire Department)

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