Drivers Attention ..! Anadolu Motorway 5-20 to be Closed in December

drivers attention will be closed on the interstate highway of anatolia
drivers attention will be closed on the interstate highway of anatolia

Drivers Attention ..! Anadolu Highway will be Closed on December 5-20; The Izmit East Junction-Adapazarı Junction section in the direction of Ankara on the Anatolian Highway will be closed to transportation between 5:20 and 08.00:18.00 on December XNUMX-XNUMX, due to superstructure repair and renovation works.

The Press Release of the 1st Regional Directorate of Highways Regarding the Superstructure Improvement in the Highway and Connection Roads between Körfez and Gümüşova Intersections;

Izmit East Junction (K73) - KKNo: O-469 / 181) ) (KKNo: O-000 / 14) (South road Km: 4 + 16-16 + 4) superstructure repair and renovation works are ongoing.

In the ongoing works, the O-4 (TEM) Highway in the direction of İzmit-Adapazarı was completely closed to traffic; The traffic flow will be directed from the Izmit East Junction to the D-100 road and following the D-100 road, the Adapazarı Junction will be re-joined to the O-4 Highway.

Studies, weather conditions in the appropriate days of science; 05.12.2019 will be held on Thursday morning between 08: 00 and 20.12.2019 Friday evening between 18: 00. (The works will be carried out between 08: 00 and 18: 00 in the morning and daytime. The highway will be closed to traffic from the East Junction in the direction of Ankara at 08: 00 in the morning at 18.

In addition, traffic arrangements will be made accordingly, taking into consideration the exams and holidays.

For this reason, all necessary safety precautions will be taken and traffic signs will be made during the works. Drivers must carefully follow the traffic signs and markers on the road.

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